Friday, June 22, 2007

22 June 2007

I am pooped once again. I had a pretty hectic day, tried to get some photos of me on Cayenne again with little success, poor Tiffany had a crash course on the Canon and pulled off one or two shots. I havent had time to process much. I also caught the Racoon that was tearing up my barn and spreading horse feed far and wide. I took him about 5 miles down the road and released him into a forested section surrounded by fields of corn and soy beans. I took a picture of him in the trap, he was so scared. I can't kill animals and even though they are dangerous to horses (they carry diseases) I had to release him.

My barn swallows in the big barn have hatched their babies. It looks as if there are 4, they were sticking up their heads with their mouths open LOL. I snapped a few shots some of which I posted here. I also took pictures of Wiggle in her fly mask, she looks like an alien LOL, but her eyes are 100% better now that the flies arent bothering her, I will post one of those tomorrow, and of course it is catblogging day so there is a picture of Sylvester laying in his favorite place, on my truck, doing contortions trying to clean himself!!!

Have a great weekend everyone. ((((Hugs)))))




Mike said...

I almost forgot it was cat blogging day.

So is this a picture of Sylvester and lunch? Just kidding.

Rest well...I love following the barn swallows.

Rising Rainbow said...

He looks like a Slyvester! Racoons can be such imps. They can sure make a mess.

Things aren't normal here yet. I am still struggling with being sick, Dave is on vacation this week, what a joke - he's working his tail off trying to get this place ready for our open house.july 15. Still haven't posted it on my website or sent out invites. that's on the list for this week. Not enough hourse in the day, but you know that already. lol

Hope to catch up one of these days. But I'm thinking about you even if I don't get here.

Hope all is good there!

Anna said...

Great images of the birds!

talj said...

Love how close you have got to the birds! Excellent! And Sylvester looks so funny!!

Hope you have a good weekend {{HUGS}} xx

Anonymous said...

Nice post. Enjoyed the photos of the Barn Swallows. I can imagine what sleeping under that roof would be like. Wow. I miss that. I slept under a tin roof when I was growing up and rain hitting the tin roof would put me to sleep almost instantly.

I also liked your post yesterday of the little bumblebee. I just found one like it that I did earlier and it is on my web site. I don't know if you have ever been there before.

Abraham Lincoln
Brookville Daily Photo
My Website Photography

CG said...

I love the positions cats get in! and wonderful swallow pics too {{HUGS}}

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