Saturday, June 23, 2007

23 June 2007

Hi all

My photos today are of me riding Cayenne yesterday (MiKael dont yell at me I am wearing those dreadful shoes again, I promise I will get some proper boots soon), the girls in their pasture taken today in the rain and the last one is of Wiggle taken yesterday with her fly mask on!!!! Looks like an alien LOL. She is so good about it and her eyes are looking much better today. Yes you did hear "rain" it has been raining steadily since mid morning, a light drizzle which is soaking in as fast as it is coming down. We are very relieved. It has been so cool as well.

I didnt get much done today have been feeling tired and a bit down, struggling a bit but hopefully that will pass soon. I am going to get an early night because I have to wake at 3.30am to give Larry an IV antibiotic. The levels are a bit high so we have to give it to him every 28 hours until it comes down a bit and last night it was 11.30pm. Takes about an hour to run. I am not a morning person and am dreadful if I am wakened at night!!! So this is going to be short.
Hope everyone is having a great weekend. ((((Huge Hugs)))))


CG said...

Great to see another shot of you riding, lori. And wiggle looks so funny in her fly mask but i'm glad she's feeling better.
I hope the rain continus and you recover from your early awakening. HUGS xx

talj said...

Lovely photos Lori and great to see you!!

I'm sorry to hear you have to get up so early but hope you manage to get a little more rest during Sunday :o)

{{{HUGS}}} xx

Rising Rainbow said...

I'm not a morning person either and dreadful is not a strong enough word for what I'm like if I'm awakened.

I did notice the lack of boots but will say no more as long as you are heading in the direction of getting some. Wouldn't want you hurt. Also noticed the way you have your reins attached. Don't you worry about not having a direct contact with the bit?

Glad to hear you got some rain, we got some too. Even some thunder and lightening. Was trying to work in my garden in the rain and had to vacate for fear of being stuck!

Hope Larry is going better and that you are feeling better. We need to get together and have a great confab on the phone to boost us both up I think! LOL

Rising Rainbow said...

ps Wiggle looks to be quite pleased with her fly mask. I see a flicker of pride in that expression. LOL

photogchic said...

Yeah--Lori out riding! About the boots---when I got back into riding a couple years ago, I showed up at the barn with my tennis shoes and no helmet. You should have seen the horrified looks. It was my first realization of how much things had changed since I was a kid:-) Go get some Dansko riding boots---worth every penny!

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