Tuesday, June 5, 2007

5 June 2007

I just dont seem to be getting ahead but I will keep trying. I managed to get all the stables stripped and replaced each one with 5 barrowloads of sawdust so they are all bedded down nicely. I am going to have to seperate the 3 yearling stud colts and 3 yearling fillies as they are getting a bit too grown up now and I dont want even the chance of a mistake happening LOL. That is going to complicate things a bit more with turning them out as they will have to be rotated in the area they have to run now. I wanted to start riding a few of them today but just ran out of time again!!! Larry is going to get up tomorrow for a short time and help me with their training. He is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to the horses and is able to tell me exactly what needs to be done.

The picture today is of the yearling stud colt who would have been the full brother to the baby we lost a few weeks ago and his mother obviously was Barbie, the mare that died. He is a lovely looking colt. I did a bit of selective desaturation on this picture so that only he was in color and the rest of the picture was black and white. His name is Dream.

I am pretty tired tonight so I am going to cut this one short. I hope you all had a great Tuesday and have an even better Wednesday. ((((Hugs)))))



Ancientimages said...

Lori, this is a beautiful portrait. Are you keeping Dream? He is certainly a handsome young man. I am so sorry for your losses of the foal and the mare. Sometimes it just doesn't seem to make sense.

We had a lot of dark clouds come over the mountains today but they didn't drop any rain. It is supposed to be incredibly windy tomorrow, so maybe they are carrying their gift of rain to your part of world. I hope so.

Take good care.

talj said...

The selective desat has worked so well with those amazing eyes!

I hope that you managed to get caught up soon and can get to ride a little! :o)

{{HUGS}} xx

Anonymous said...

A nice job on the photo. I like the result.

5 loads of sawdust. What does it smell like? I mean some smells like a certain kind of wood. I hope it is not the "treated" wood sawdust. That would be a disaster.

Love the way you are working. Dedicated to your animals.

Thank you for visiting my blog.

Abraham Lincoln
Two robins were fighting in my backyard and I managed to capture them in the act.
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Julie Blair said...

Dream is gorgeous! I don't see how you part with any of them! Nice mix of color and black and white...

Rising Rainbow said...

I don't know how I missed this yesterday but I did. I didn't know you could mix color and black and white but I guess with computers you can do about anything if you know how. I have enough trouble with the camera, I haven't a clue with doing (including cropping) on the computer. I have an optimizing program but it makes things fuzzy.

Sounds like you have your hands full. LOL you and me both!

CG said...

Dream is simply beautiful. What a kind expression. I wish I could buy him for S!!

Anna said...

Amazing eyes....just stunning.

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