Wednesday, June 6, 2007

6 June 2007

I got a whole bunch accomplished today for a change, it was a lovely coolish day until lunch time when it got pretty hot and then cooled down around 5 again. I rode Cayenne this morning as you can see in the pictures above taken by my better half Larry and then I rode my filly Lori this afternoon. They both did so well I was really pleased with them. Then I lunged Dosie, Blue and Gee. In between all that I cleaned the stables, went over to the other pasture to feed the horses and cut down the thistles growing in the field abd kastky fed the starving masses at home. It was 10 til 9pm when I finally came in!!!! I couldnt believe it was so late. Tomorrow I have to work on getting the yearlings wormed and more halter training for them and try to put a halter on Taxes.

Thanks for your visits again L and Julie B, Ancient Images, MiKael, Mike, CG, Talj, Anna, AB, Abraham I will visit soon (I know I keep saying that but things are just not slowing down - when I do I will have a lot of reading to do LOL). We are probably going to sell Dream (in response to Ancient Images' question) and I am banking on you sending the rain our way LOL.

You are all in my thoughts ((((Hugs)))) and thanks.



Julie Blair said...

Lori: Wow, you got a ton done today! So cool that you got to ride and isn't Larry such the photog! :-)

Mike said...

Wow, what a day!!! Thanks to Larry for taking the pictures today. He did a great job. The horses look good. It is great to see you on them and it sounds like you are accomplishing a lot.

Good luck with my little buddy Taxes. I bet he isn't too crazy about having a bridle on.

Rising Rainbow said...

Wow is right! You rode and worked horses on the ground. I haven't made it into the saddle yet but hope to by next week. The weather is so ify here that I'm just pushing to get as many lunges as I can before the storms hit. Today it was only lol ten!

I notice you're not wearing boots when you ride. I have a friend who was crippled for life being drug so I never cheat and climb on without riding boots. Sometimes it's a pain and the boots are hot but I'm not taking any chances. Especially since I ride young horses (here the lecture here, girlfriend!) I also wear a helmet. But I must admit once they get broke, the helmet goes. But never the boots.

Larry takes a pretty mean picture himself! Wish Dave did that well. He even took some photography classes and did quite well, but there's an art to shooting horses.

Hope the weather co-operates with your plans.

Be Safe!!

AB said...

What a full day you had today - better than I accomplished on my day off!

It's lovely to see photos of you - Larry did a wonderful job.

Keeping my fingers crossed that all goes well putting a halter on Taxes :)

Thinking of you loads, as ever.


talj said...

Lovely to see you Lori and great to see you were able to get out and do some riding :o)

Hope today goes to plan for you and that you have a nice day :o) {{HUGS}}

CG said...

I see it's been another quiet, lazing around day for you Lori...NOT!! What a lot you accomplished. i loved the photos of you riding {{{HUGS}}}

Anonymous said...

Well, I am glad to see that all this hard labor pays off with a ride or two around the paddock or field or whatever. Nice shots. Larry is a gifted photographer. I love these two horses. Such beauty in animals.

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