Thursday, July 12, 2007

12 July 2007

Mike I have finally got another picture of your little buddy Taxes. He is growing so much and is still as rotten as ever LOL. Gotta love him though! I took this shot early this morning when they were coming down to get their breakfast.

I finally got the third yearling filly into a stable on her own, so now have all three fillies separated from the stud colts. I worked with them all on their halter and leading lessons and they all did well. The filly that I separated out today has never had a halter on and she did really well, I was pleasantly surprised because I thought she was going to be a problem. She was the most difficult of all the 9 babies that we had last year, to get near to when they first arrived. They had been running on 100 acres and had no human contact at all until they were loaded up and brought over to us from Iowa. Hopefully it will just be a matter of a few days and I will be able to get them out to the big pasture, they will be so happy to get out again.

I am still trying to find someone with a post hole digger (mechanical one) as I have more than 30 to dig at least 3 feet deep because the freeze line here is about 3 foot. When I get that arranged I can start on building the fence. I hate being reliant on others for so much. The ground is so hard because of the lack of rain. The clay is like concrete when it is dry, otherwise I would try to get them dug by hand. If I had started a week ago when i first planned to build it I would probably have a good few dug by now.

It got quite hot this afternoon and they say we may have a few showers tonight but I have just watched the weather and it looks as if it will sail by a few miles north of us again.

Well guys that is all for now. ((((Hugs))))) to everyone, thanks for your visits and messages they make my day. I am whittling away at my backlog but just never seem to get ahead.



Mike said...

Lori, he is growing soooo much. I love the light in this shot.

I hope the fence project goes well. I can certainly understand why you want to find someone with a post hole digger. I bet you don't have the rocks we do!

Take care, I hope both you and Larry are doing well.

talj said...

What a lovely shot!

I hope that you find the equipment you need to start the fence and that it all goes well

{{HUGS}} xx

CG said...

Beautiful pic of mum and baby!! I hope you find a way to get the fence sorted soon.{{HUGS}}

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