Sunday, July 15, 2007

15 July 2007

This bird sat at the top of the Douglas Pine today the whole day and squawked and sang and made a terrible noise the whole day!! I tried to get a photo of it flying, it has white stripeson the underside of its wings. Does anyone know what kind of bird it is? It isnt small, it is quite a big bird, about the size of a starling maybe a bit bigger.

I found this flowering weed today so had to take a photo of it. Pink is my favorite color. It is so terribly dry here, we are 5 inches under our normal rainfall total at this time of the year (that is according to Indianapolis and they have had far more rain than we have further north). The grass has all died and the weeds are flourishing!! I have never seen so much poison ivy before, it is everywhere. I give it a wide berth. Well that is another weekend over. Donna convince your husband that you absolutely have to have Dream, I will make you a really good deal on him LOL, hey I should be able to put the three fillies out soon and then I will post pics of them too, they are also really pretty, the one especially.

We have a doctors appointment in Fort Wayne tomorrow which I forgot about and the hay is going to be delivered (300 bales) tomorrow straight out of the field because they are baling tomorrow. I have to unload it straight away because they need their wagon for the other loads. I dont know what time it is coming so I am now in a quandry, I cant be in two places at the same time.

((((Hugs))))) everyone, hope you all had a great weekend.



Donna said...

Lori, if you could make us a deal on one of your blue roans I don't think we could say no! (That's what its called, right? The bluish-gray color?) I just love the paints.

Anonymous said...

Nice photo of the mystery bird. I looked at what I have and nothing matched. It looks something like a Pine Warbler bo me but it would have to be closer for me to tell for sure.

Best Wishes for a nice week,

Abraham Lincoln
Tufted-titmouse slobbers

Mike said...

Lori, I think your bird is a mocking bird. They are highly territorial and will fuss at you all day if you are close to thier area. Also they will come after you if you get close to their nest.

The other item you took is a weed that grows around here. If I remember correctly it is quite poisonous if eaten. You may want to get it away from the horses although they probably have the intuitive sense not to eat it.

Hope you get some rain soon. We are now getting dry here at the house, a few miles away they are still cleaing up from flooding. Very sporadic.

Take care.


CG said...

I wish i could buy Dream :(
Hope you managed about the hay and the doctors visit.And i wish i could send you some rain!! {{HUGS}}

Rising Rainbow said...

That's a very interesting weed. Don't know that I've ever seen one like that.

I'm brain dead after my hectic week, so will probably not be "normal" for a while. lol

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