Monday, July 16, 2007

16 July 2007

Bird pictures again today I am afraid, no time for horsy ones. Mike you are quite right, this is a Northern Mockingbird. It was in the treetops all day again today, at least for the time that I was around. I tried to get some shots of it with the wings open and this was the best I could come up with because it moves really quickly, jumps up from where its perched, spreads its wings and then returns to its perch. The call it flashing. I got one shot from the front with its wings spread but it was out of focus because it is so quick and my other lens is very slow with its focusing so I had to try to prefocus on a point and then shoot as it took off. I will try tomorrow because I really want one from that angle. Hope it is still there tomorrow.

Here are some of my one Barn Swallow family. They perch on the telephone wire outside the big barn along with some of the other families around, sometimes I have twenty of them there. The brood in the other barn (the ones that I saved the one baby from drowning in the water bucket) did really well so my reintroducing them didnt seem to do any harm. They all took to the skies about a week ago too.

I have been told that they dont use the same nest twice in the same season but my pair in the big barn are already preparing the old nest for the next batch of babies so I will get more swallows to photograph!! This little guy is coming in for a landing.

Went to Fort Wayne to the doctor and which took half the day, then the hay was delivered, I wanted 300 bales but only got 180 because they only got 360 from the whole field (they usually get 700) and had to meet part of their other two regular customers orders too. This is worrying because unless we get some rain soon there will be no more and I will be in trouble. He has livestock himself (beef cattle) and is already starting to feed hay because the pastures are bare. I have to say that it is beautiful pure alfalfa, the horses are going to love it. I will have to find some grass hay to subsidise with. We eventually finished feeding and unloading at 9.30 this evening.

I am pooped so I am gonna turn in for the night. (((Hugs)))) for everyone who needs them, see y'all tomorrow.



Rising Rainbow said...

We're going to have a tough year for hay here too. I'm not sure why but the Canadians came down and bought entire fields in eastern Wa that are normally used for the local market. It's going to get expensive, I'm afraid.

Mike said...

Wow you guys are really dry. We have had a banner year this year for rain. It is too bad you can't move the whole kit and cabodle down here for a while. Wonder what the neighborhood association would think of that!

I wish I could have sent some of the rain here your way.

Have you gotten attacked by the mockingbird yet? Also it is so nice to see the whole family of swallows, I am glad you were able to rescue the one.

Take care Lori.

Anna said...

hey Lori...sorry it has been awhile. I am enjoying catching up on your images. Beautiful...each one.

Have a wonderful week and take care!


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