Tuesday, July 17, 2007

17 July 2007

Another busy day today, I am starting to struggle to keep up with the physical side of caring for all of my babies but I think that I may have found someone who will be reliable and able to help me a few days a week to do the heavy stuff, I hope it pans out.

Yesterday we went by ambulance to Fort Wayne to see Larry's surgeon and on the way home I took these shots through the back window. I have been wanting to take pictures of these forever and never seem to get the time to go out on an excursion to do them all, I really need to make the time. The one barn is really on its last legs as you can see and I would like to get a better shot of it.

We had some welcome rain today, not much again but probably about half an inch. It disappeared into the ground faster than it came down but we are expecting more over the next two days which will be more widely spread and not scattered as they have been of late which usually miss us. They are talking 1 - 3 inches for our area. Again I wont count my chickens before they hatch LOL but here's hoping.

The horses are all doing well and my brat baby Taxes is getting naughtier by the day if that is possible. He really needs a buddy to play with, Mike I am seriously thinking of sending him to you after all we do call him "your little buddy". I am sure your neighbors will love him too!!

It is late again, I am making a habit of this. Hope you all have a great day tomorrow. (((Hugs)))



Mike said...

Yeah, raise a naughty kid and then send him to me!

I am sure that taking care of the horses in this heat can really wipe you out. I hope you get some of that rain. Don't know where you are at exactly but the radar looked promising last night.

Nice shots today. Wish I could get such nice shots out of a moving vehicle!

Take care.


talj said...

What lovely colours in your shots today! :o)

I hope everything went well with the surgeon and that you have had a nice day {{HUGS}} xx

Rising Rainbow said...

Oh, you're right about last legs for that barn. Such a shame.

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