Wednesday, July 18, 2007

18 July 2007

We woke up to rain wet ground again this morning although again it had not been a whole lot, not even pools of water, every drop is soaking straight into the ground. I shot this a few days ago at a little lake down the road from us. Have no idea what it is but it is pink and that is my favorite color so had to snap a shot or two. It has quite a few Japanese Beetles on it, we have had a plague of them this year. The shot above is one of me a few weeks ago with BB at the pasture down the road. I have very few pictures of me with my horses so my friend Tiffany shot this one and another with Wiggle for me.

This is BB with her momma Cat. You can see how dry the grass is but they are all staying fat, battling the flies but seem to be coping okay.
It is late late again, after 11pm. I will see you all tomorrow, thanks for your visits ((((Hugs)))))


Rising Rainbow said...

I don't get pics of me with my horses either. I keep thinking it's something I need to do. I know there will be a day I wish I had made the time.

Glad to hear you got a little rain. We got some here too. Maybe it will make it's way to you. I know you could use more.

Hope you still are working on a camera for me. I definitely need one that is better than what I have. Wish the pics of my OH were better some of them would be great if they were just clearer.

photogchic said...

Nice to see you with your horses. We are getting rain in Portland after our heatwave last week. It is so nice not to worry about watering the garden:-)

talj said...

Lovely to see you Lori! Great smile you have there :o) {{HUGS}} xx

Anna said...

I love it when you make it into a shot!

CG said...

So lovely to see you!!!

Mike said...

Nice shot of you with BB. Good to see you. One of these days I'll have to post a picture of me but it seems I only get pictures of my backside taking pictures of something else!

Take care.

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