Thursday, July 19, 2007

19 July 2007

Hey Mike here is your buddy!! He is absolutely rotten!!!! I have to say as much as I love him I have never had such a naughty stud colt. He is so desperate for someone to play with. Here he is scratching an itch and checking me out at the same time LOL, taken this evening.

We had lovely rain last night and this morning. I dont know how much but it just soaked into the ground like a sponge. Hardly any puddles and we had at least an inch or more, a heavy storm during the night and other than that nice light soaking rain. Expecting a few cooler days with less humidity, Yaaay.

I am getting caught up on my chores, a bit at a time and now need to catch up on my blogging, I have been a bad blogging friend to so many of you :-(

Maybe now I will be able to get the post holes dug for the fence as the ground may be a bit softer (for the first 6 inches then concrete for 2 and a half feet LOL).

Well I am still only getting done after 11pm every evening and my list hasnt got any shorter so I will keep plugging away. (((((Hugs))))))) to you all.



CG said...

Lovely photo of Taxes, Lori!! I won't be commenting for a while as I'll be away but at least we'll be on the same continent!!
Lots of love to you, Larry and horses! XX

Rising Rainbow said...

OK, friend, when you figure out how to get the list shorter, please let me know.

My experience is you take one thing off the top and add at least two more to the bottom.LOL I know that's life on the farm but geez.....

I'm sure that Taxes is desperate for a buddy to play with. That's one of the reasons I prefer to have my babies in pairs and if I can help it, pairs that are close together with their birthdays. But that logic only works some of the time. Sometimes one mare is early and the other late and they end up with 6 weeks between them. Sometimes I have a colt and a filly and the colt is so naughty the filly won't play. The list goes on. Life with horses!

Anonymous said...

Very nice photograph. I like these when you catch them doing something natural. Seems to make it more interesting and that he is watching just adds to the picture.

Hope you get whatever it is done you need to do. Seems like a lot of work.

Also, we got a 1/2 inch of rain the other day. It took all day to get that so we are still way behind in rainfall this year.

No more in sight, we were told so I will probably either have to carry water, use the hose or let the stuff croak.

Take care.

Mike said...

Nice shot of Taxes but he sure looks like he is trying to figure out how to get you when you least expect it!

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