Sunday, July 22, 2007

22 July 2007

I only got home at 5pm from the shoot today and then had to go and feed the other horses down the road and start the chores at home so it has been a long day. We had gorgeous weather again, temps in the 70s, started in the upper 40s.

This is a flower in the garden at the place the horses are pastured. There were four or five different colors. I havent had much time to edit so only got this one and the following one of a varigated leafed plant which is really pretty. I promise I will try to get horsy ones tomorrow.

My cable for my flash was giving me trouble today so I really struggled with the flash only firing once every 5 or 6 shots!!! So frustrating as it is a new cable. I am going to get a few more and have them in reserve in case this happens again. The inside of the cable breaks and then the contact is intermittent. I have to quit winding it around the flash unit as this could be what is causing it to break. Anyway I got a few good shots of each group and a lot that I may be able to fix on the computer.

Well it is very late once again. Boy there sure arent enough hours in the day. ((((Hugs))))) to you all.



Julie Blair said...


I love that white and green flowers...really beautiful. I don't think I have ever seen that. Don't feel guilty about not showing horses all the always have great photos of all kinds of things!! Love the photo earlier of Taxes and the one of the cat. So cute. Glad it is cooler there for you.

Rising Rainbow said...

I love the white and green contrast too, so beautiful.

Were you having problems with that cable at your shoot? That would be a real bummer.

Didn't really have an idea in mind on budget for a camera. Just know I need something better than what I have. The pics of the open house are not very clear or crisp. Content is good but need sharper I guess is the word. What do you think I should plan to spend to get a good camera for me?

Rising Rainbow said...

Forgot to mention, I too laughed at the comment about Taxes and Trouble. They would be a pair together, wouldn't they. I think they'd both be delighted to have a buddy to play rough and tumble with.

Anonymous said...

The flower pictures are very nice.

Don't wind the cable. It will probably shorten their life considerably.

Mike said...

I really like that white and green flower Lori. Is it some kind of Hosta flower?

Sorry to hear about the cable. I know that can be frustrating!

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