Friday, July 27, 2007

27 July 2007

I started the day off very badly this morning. Taxes got through the fence to go and play with the mares, I managed to turn the electricity off and lift the wires enough for him to go under and back to his side but he promptly walked back through, I didnt see him do it as I had my back turned to him putting the fence back in its holders, so can only assume that he stepped over the wires and because the electric was off they didnt zap him. He and the two fillies raced up and down and the next moment he veered off towards the fence at full speed and tried to jump it. He got his back leg caught in the wire and now has a really bad wound, the whole front of his lower leg has almost been skinned, about six inches long and three inches wide. I got the vet over and he said it would be pointless to stitch it as he already had sawdust in the wound when he ran back into his stable and it is in a really bad place to stitch. I have managed to dress it temporarily and the neighbor who is feeding them for me this weekend (who has had to tend a similar wound to one of the horses before I met Larry) is going to be keeping up with the cleaning and dressing of it until I get back on Sunday. I am praying that he is going to be one of those horses that doesnt chew bandages. He hasnt touched it yet. So these pictures of him from yesterday will be the last for a while as he has to be confined to his stable until it heals and that could take months.

This is a picture of my filly Lori yesterday when I let Dosie (her daddy) out with them......
..... and this is Dosie enjoying his first taste of freedom!!
I am making this short as I am packing to go to the show and wanted to post before packing the computer up to take it with. If I am unable to post tomorrow from the motel with my laptop it will be the first day that I have missed since starting this blog on 1st January this year.

I just hope the weekend goes better, I feel sick knowing that I have to leave Taxes for two days but the neighbor is very good with the horses and loves them just about as much as I do I think, so they are in good hands. My poor little boy.

I will be back on Sunday evening, take care everyone ((((Hugs)))))



Anonymous said...

The "hurt" parts of wildlife and domestic farm animals and pets is the part about life I don't like. It is so easy to get hurt and they all do it and usually in play. Our daughter's dog, Mack, can't see that well and can't hear and is quite old for a whippet. He was playing and racing and ran into a steel pole with his shoulder. It stunned him and he was backing up with a glazed look over his face but snapped out of it and appearently nothing broken. Whew.

Rising Rainbow said...

Oh, Lori, I am so sorry to hear about Taxes wreck! Wounds on horses are such a dificult thing to deal with and I think leg wounds are the worst.

I'm still dealing with the wound with Echo here. Hope Taxes is a much better patient than she has been. I'm sure it will be hard for him to be confined, just as it is hard for her. And there's no way to explain it to them so they will co-operate. you are lucky you have a neighbor who can and will help you. Thank God for that!

Hope things go good at your show. Will be thinking of you.

Donna said...

Oh no, how awful! Poor little guy.

Mike said...

Lori, I am so sickened to read of Taxes accident. I know this is difficult and I hope everything turns out ok. I am in a hotel room heading back to home tonight and it absolutely scared me reading this post.

Hang in there!


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