Wednesday, July 4, 2007

4 July 2007

Happy 4th to all my American blog friends!! I tried to take some fireworks shots but they didnt work out too well. It is a long time since I shot them and they were only sending one off at a time so it didnt make for a very pretty display. They were also a few miles off which didnt help. I got this one and a few others.
Of course the horses were not too impressed with the noise but I have them all inside tonight so they will be okay.
I have had a bit of a stressful day today. The 6 yearlings got out the other night, tore the fence down. Dont know if something scared them or what but they did a tour of the one neighbors yard and he is making a big issue about it. The damage is a few hoof marks in his weed patch that he claims is his new lawn which I have covered over with soil, but today they got out again. They might have had another fireworks scare I dont know because it was during the afternoon, but I noticed a lot of banging during the day, kids with small firecrackers maybe, and of course they made a B line for his yard again. The electric fence didnt seem to phase them. I had fixed it the last time with new insulators and checked that it was working. Anyway I seem to be surrounded by idiots here, one on each side of us, who try to make our lives as difficult as they can, it is very unpleasant. I dont know what it is but wherever I have ever lived I have had at least one neighbor from hell and this time I have two. We keep to ourselves and make the most of what we have and try to let them get on with their lives without interfering with them but they seem to enjoy making other people's lives miserable. So that was my 4th of July LOL.
Okay vent over. (((Hugs))) to all that need them, see y'all tomorrow.


Elaine said...

Nice shot! My dog doesn't like the noise either. A few more days and it will be over until New Year's.

Sorry to hear about your neighbors. I've had good and bad, and the bad can make life miserable--of course, being in the city makes them a lot closer and harder to avoid.


talj said...

Miserable b*ggers! I hope they cut you some slack and stop moaning about something so silly!! These things happen, why are there alwatys people with too much time on their hands and too much complaining to do?!! Refer them to me and I'll tell them where to go for you Lori ;o)

Great fireworks shot, they really aren't easy to take at all! :o)


Rising Rainbow said...

I think it's a great shot too. I love fireworks, but from a far is just fine with me. I don't like the noise.

I found once my yearlings started going through the fence, that was it.No more trusting them in the hotwire fenced areas only the permanent fenced ones.

Good luck with your neighbors, I have one of each kind right now. Guess that's part of what makes life what it is, unpredictable and full of bumps. lol

Mike said...

Nice capture of the fireworks. I can just imagine animals of all sorts get bent out of shape by the fireworks. Hope the horses settle down now that it is over.

Neighbors can be fun, huh?

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