Thursday, July 5, 2007

5 July 2007

I am running really late again. I have chosen a picture from my archives today. This is Blaze (one of the yearlings) when he was a few days old last year. The mares on the other side of the fence were very interested in the new baby LOL. I thought it was quite cute.

I spent quite a lot of time today trying to work out how I was going to build a new fence that is visible and does not include wire and metal T posts, and getting quotes on the lumber and materials. I plan to use treated boards and landscape posts, but I have to be able to afford it too!!!! I was stunned when I got a quote for the white vinyl fencing which looks so nice. For the little area I want to do right now it will cost $2 500 !!!!!!!! The wooden version with 2 rails and one hot wire on the bottom will only be in the region of $400. MiKael is right when she says that once the little devils find out that they can get out without too much pain when they are working in a herd, it is hard to keep them in with the hotwire and they will just keep escaping.

We had a nice strong downpour this afternoon. Soaked right up but it was a nice heavy rain and much needed. The only problem is that the sun came out straight afterwards and it was soooooo humid again.

Will see y'all tomorrow again, still trudging on and trying to get to a few of my blogging friends every day, slow progress LOL. I miss all the news and beautiful pictures. (((((Hugs))))))



Mike said...

Great Picture and a very appropriate title.

Good luck on the fence project, hope you and your neighbor are getting along better.

Take care.

talj said...

Lovely shot Lori, I hope you manage to get the fence sorted out :o)

{{HUGS}} xx

Kathy C said...

Lori, calves are the same. Once they figure out to arch their backs and sneak under a hot wire they are forever out.

I can't believe how much that vinyl fencing costs!!

CG said...

The fence issue is really tough. I had no idea that it could be so complicated.HUGS xxx

Rising Rainbow said...

Oh I love that vinyl fecncing too but only in my dreams. I keep telling Dave he just needs to pick the right numbers and win the lottery and then we can keep all the horses in the manner we'd like to become accustomed too! LOL

He was NOT amused!

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