Saturday, July 7, 2007

7 July 2007

I am running very late tonight, just half an hour to get this posted before midnight!! I havent missed one day since January 1st Yaay.

My friend Tiffany came over to visit this evening which made a nice change to the normal watching TV til we fall asleep. She and her husband have black labrador puppies which I hope to photograph tomorrow and we are going to Muncie with her 2 ton truck tomorrow to collect the wood posts that I need for the fence. I have the old one dismantled completely.

Another very hot humid day today probably reached upper 80s low 90s. I also caught up on the barn work and worked with the two yearling fillies, they are smart and catching on fast. I can't wait to get the new fence up so that the babies can go out and run again, they have never been cooped up this long and are getting antsy.

I have posted wha will probably be my last Swallow picture as all five babies have been flying around the rafters of the barn all day with mom and pop encouraging them and showing them how it is done. Here is one stretching its wings. Every time I took my camera out to try to catch them actually flying they didnt fly, when I put my camera down they started flying LOL!!!!

I will see y'all tomorrow, ((((Hugs))))) to everyone.




Anonymous said...

I hope you manage to survive this scorching day today and tomorrow in the 90s. Way too hot for this time of year. Hard to animals too.

I know you will take very special care of them. Have a nice Sunday.

My daughter, Melinda, has a picture she took on my blog. It is a stunning macro.
Brookville Daily Photo

CG said...

I'm glad you had a nice time with your friend and hope to see the puppy pictures soon. Take care in the heat! HUGS xxx

talj said...

Lovely shot! Great to hear you had a nice evening with your friend and I hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend {{HUGS}} xx

Mike said...

I am glad to see you made it by the narrowest of margins! Hope you are coping with the heat. Went out to the local
Civil War battlefield last evening, it was sure hot there.

Stay cool!

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