Friday, August 10, 2007

10 August 2007

Finally got my uploader to work and have added photos to the next few days' posts. This is one of my barn cats that is no longer with me. He went to a great new home but unfortunately fell victim to Feline Lukemia. He was such a nice kitty and gave me a lot of photo opportunities.

I am having trouble uploading a photo tonight. For some reason my computer hangs up every time I try to access the file I want off my hard drive???? I will post this and then try again but in case I dont succeed this will be a short one today as I am getting ready for the show and it is late already, still packing kit.

Taxes' leg looked so much better tonight, I felt a lot better about it today. I was still really worried last night because it was looking dreadful and bleeding a lot still whenever I took the dressing off. Lets keep fingers crossed that it will continue to improve now. He is being such a good boy. Feisty little devil but cute too LOL.

Hope you all have a fabulous weekend, think of me in the sun for two days :-(. I will try to post on Saturday night from Larry's computer when I get home. (((Hugs))))


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Mike said...

Hope you get the problem figured out and I hope you have a good show this weekend.

Stay as cool as you can!

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