Sunday, August 12, 2007

12 August 2007

Update: This is another one of my favorite shots from the weekend. This little girl is also one of the children that I have been photographing for the last 4 or 5 years at this show. Her name is Alex and she actually saved her money so that she could buy this pony herself. I know she had help from her Aunt who is in the carriage with her, and her family but it was her idea to save to buy him. His name is Little Bit and he is such a cute pony. This was Alex's first time driving at a show.

It is early but I am exhausted so this AGAIN will be short. I will get pics up for the last 3 days tomorrow. The show went well, very very hot but today they held all of the classes in the indoor arena which isnt great for the pictures but sure made it easier for all of us.

I will see y'all tomorrow. I got some cute shots which I will post but am just too tired. ((((Hugs)))))

I have added some pictures to the posts from the last few days too.



Mike said...

Hang in there! I am eagerly anticipating your photos.

CG said...

Hi Lori; I just got back from my trip to the US. I missed your blog while I was away. Am looking forward to seeing more photos; hope you, Larry and animals are all ok xxx

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