Tuesday, August 14, 2007

14 August 2007

Still working on catching up. Today's pic is a snapshot of brat baby (Mikes little buddy) Taxes taken in the barn when I put him and momma in the turnout so I could clean their stable. Not the prettiest shot LOL, little darling just wanted to come over and bite me all the time so I had a job trying to get far enough away to take a shot!!!!! He is a total brat!!! His leg is healing nicely but will definitely leave a nasty scar.

Well not much to report. We had a cooler day today but all of the rain sailed on by to the north of us, saw the storm clouds but didnt get a drop. Oh well. Just heard that the hay from the next cutting will be $7 a bale (from $3 to $4 to $5 and now $7). I just can't afford that so guess the horses will be eating small amounts of hay, oats, beet pulp, alfalfa cubes and straw for the roughage. The calories will be the same it will just be a task keeping them occupied as horses like to browse all day, they are grazers, so the straw gives them something to do that with even though it has no nutritional value. I have to move some of these horses, the market is at the worst right now because of the hay shortage and no-one wants new horses to get through winter so I don't know what I am going to do. People in Tennessee and the one county here in Indiana that I know of, are turning their horses loose on state land, in forests and recreational areas because they just can't afford to keep them and rather than let them starve in their back yards they turn them loose and let the county worry about it. Such a shame.
Well that is my vent for the day, so frustrating. Will check in again tomorrow. (((Hugs))))


Mike said...

Good to see Taxes is doing well. It is too bad he will have such a nasty scar.

Also your report on the horse feeding situation was interesting. Everything is so dependant on the weather. We better wake up at some point.

Take care and have a good day tomorrow.


Anna said...

Hey Lori! What happened to Taxes? I will have to catch up! :) I hope that you are well there. Have a good rest of the week!

Rising Rainbow said...

Oh, Lori, sorry to hear you are so affected by the weather that your hay prices are rising.

Our hay prices here are already higher than that. Currently I'm paying $10 a bale and it is expected to go much higher. I'm with you on not being able to afford that.

I'm not sure what to tell you about shooting an Arab show. Think maybe I'll see if I can find some links to send you so you can see what they do in rail shots. Will try and do that tomorrow.In win pics with the horse standing still they want their ears up, so grain or something to attract their attention is a must.

Hope you have a good day!

CG said...

Oh, what happened to our baby?? I hope he will be ok.

I have so missed your blog and the horses. Hope Larry is feeling better {{HUGS}}

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