Wednesday, August 15, 2007

15 August 2007

I am posting some old pictures again. This was a family of swans down the road from us. Only one chick hatched and I picked a beautiful morning to photograph them. Sooooo cute. I didnt know that the momma swan shelters the babies on her back when she thinks there is danger. When I first got there the little one rushed straight up on her back and it was about 15 minutes before they relaxed with me being there and the little one got back on the water.

Another hot day today but the temps will start coming down tomorrow. Still no rain, we are under an extreme drought advisory now and everything is dead even the weeds are starting to shrivel!!! There is some hope of rain towards the weekend, so lets hope it reaches us.
Hope everyone is well and (((Huge Hugs))))) to those of you who need them.


Mike said...

Hi Lori,

Love the pictures today. Sometimes it is fun to reach into the archives, especially when you have not been able to get out much.

We are really dry now too. I know we have had much more rain than you have so I would hate to see how dry it is up there!

Thanks for your visits to my blog. I appreciate them as always. I really enjoy your comments.


Anonymous said...

Proud parents to be sure. Is the swan still growing up?

Brookville Daily Photo

CG said...

What beautiful serene photos. It's hard to imagine drought in our wet isle! HUGS xx

MPRPRO said...

Wow those are some really cool images.

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