Thursday, August 16, 2007

16 August 2007

Another old shot I am afraid. This is a flower from an indoor plant that Larry calls Angel Wing. The stems and flowers are sort of see through and the sun was shining through them. I thought it was really cool so I snapped a few shots of it.

We had a tremendous electric storm at just after 1am this morning. The lightening, wind and rain were torrential and we were under a tornado watch until 4am. Quite scary at the time but it gave us about an inch of rain. Unfortunately it blew into the barn and wet the whole aisleway but it is so hot that it will dry quickly. Of course it was dreadfully humid all day as a result but the rain was welcome!!!

I decided to wean Taxes today. I put his momma in the stable next to him to try to ease the transition. He is coping pretty well, the crunch will come when I take her into the other barn where he can't see her which I will do in a few days time. He is being so good about his bandage and so far hasnt got to chewing it despite the fact that he likes to bite everything in his path LOL. He is a typical stud colt, nippy which we are working on stopping.

I started working on getting everything ready to have the post holes dug at long last for my new fence. It has been so dry and the ground is like concrete because it is predominantly clay. I pulled most of the metal posts and took down some of the dregs of the wire. I will have the electric company over on Monday to mark out where the telephone, gas and electric underground cables are because we have to dig the post holes at least 3 feet deep because that is the freeze line here and I would hate to hit one of the underground cables LOL.

Well that is it for tonight. Just need to print my photo orders and hopefully get them mailed out tomorrow. ((((Hugs))))) for everyone.



Anonymous said...

I have enjoyed your post today.

Abraham Lincoln
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CG said...

That's a truly beautiful image, Lori !

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