Saturday, August 18, 2007

18 August 2007

Still struggling a bit but feeling a bit better. I was looking to see what I could post today and came across this shot which is a scan from a very old slide which I scanned about 7 years ago so the quality isnt great. It was scanned in 2002 but shot in 1999.

This guy was in a lion park which was about 5 miles away from where I lived in South Africa. They had three or four prides of lions each in their own enclosure and you drove in a gate and around the enclosure and out again. They were set up so that you could easily see them and this is one of the shots that I got. Sometimes at night if the wind was blowing the right way you could hear them roaring from my home LOL.

I have a lot of slides and negatives still in England, beginning to wonder if I will ever see them again. The friend who was taking care of them all has been uncontactable for the last year so I have no idea where they are right now. That is one of the hard things with relocating especially half way around the world, too expensive to bring all the things that you have collected over your life and have special memories.
Nothing much achieved today, got my print orders printed and mailed so that is a relief. I hope that I snap out of this soon.
Mike and MiKael thanks for your visits and comments I appreciate them, I will return them soon. (((((Hugs))))))


Mike said...

What a neat shot. I can't imagine going to bed at night hearing the distant roar of lions.

That is to bad about your pictures and missing friend. I bet it would be difficult to relocate halfway around the world.

Take care and half a great day. It looks like the rain is close to you but may be a bit north on the national radar.

CG said...

What a wonderful lion. My friend lives near Chester zoo and she can hear the lions from her house! I hope one day you get your things back!

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