Thursday, August 2, 2007

2 August 2007

A bit of an abstract today, this is a Photoshop technique that I did called Amazing Circles (Ovals in this case) and I used the photo of the "Snow On The Mountain" plant that I posted a shot of a while back. I love this and have done it with butterfly and flower shots and you get some fabulous effects.

It has been unbearably hot again today and will be for at least the next 5 days. Still hoping for even a little bit of rain for relief.

Taxes is doing great, I got his dressing technique perfected today and he is not chewing it so hopefully it will heal nicely. I still have to get help as I can't tie him up and he wants to move away from me when I touch his leg.

I have nearly finished editing photos from the show (didnt get as much done today as I hoped and have another 9 pictures to do) so I am hoping to get some, if not all of it mailed before closing tomorrow.

((((Hugs)))) and hope everyone is well.



Mike said...

This is a unique photo. I like the way you have done the technique.

Good to hear Taxes is doing well. He looks good and he will soon get back to his normal self.

Take care


Joyce Kline said...

Hi Lori...this is awesome as usual. I created a blog. Check it out

talk soon.


Rising Rainbow said...

Wow, it makes me dizzy. Probably because of my double vision.

Glad to hear that Taxes is doing ok. I would have been really surprised if you said you could change it all by yourself. Boy with Echo it took and army and drugs!

Hope the weather is cooler there tomorrow. It's supposed to cool down some here, I am soooooooo glad!

Mike said...

Hey, I thought of you when I posted today's picture.

Hope you are well.

Elaine said...

Neat shot! (I have been mostly away because we hosted a Japanese student for 5 days and spent almost every waking hour exploring and having fun. The heat was a killer, as you know!)

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