Wednesday, August 1, 2007

1 August 2007

Two pictures today, one of "brat baby" Taxes with his bandage on. It has actually slipped down a bit, it is a very difficult place to try to keep a bandage on. I let him outside for a bit today and he was very well behaved and didnt run like a mad thing, just nibbled on the weeds and grass and got a bit of fresh air. He also has his little green halter on. I have had to leave it on him because I want him to get used to it so that when I do take it off he wont mind me putting it back on.

The second picture is of Blue who I have started putting out in the roundpen while the shade is over it and for the nights. It has been so hot and I am sure he enjoys the cool outside air. That is Blaze, his son, in the background looking on. Dosie has settled in with the two mares out in the field which I am grateful for, so now Blue can have his area and get some exercise. I would love to geld him too so that he is not such a liability and can also have a life. He is the most loving colt I have, he will find something to amuse himself no matter what. I would love to be riding him.
Very very hot again and for the foreseeable future too. I dont get much done outside because by 7.30am it is already dreadful and only starts to cool after 9pm and then it is still muggy and hot.

I am nearly finished preparing my print orders, then I just have to print them and get them in the mail. If anyone is interested the proofs are on my website, the Welsh Pony show.

I can't believe we are into August already. I am going to turn in after checking a few of my blogging buddies' blogs. (((Hugs)))) to you all



Lulu said...

Wonderful website! I sure wish you were closer, I would LOVE to have some prof. pictures of me with my horses! ;)

Rising Rainbow said...

Me too!!

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