Tuesday, August 21, 2007

21 August 2007

I took this a few days ago. These are caterpillars on the milkweed plant and they are not Monarch Butterfly caterpillars. I must find out what they are because they have absolutely shredded a few of the plants right down to just the stalks remaining. I know there is very little that feeds on this plant so hopefully I can come up with an answer.

We had 3 inches of rain yesterday and today it rained on and off all day again until 5pm when it absolutely poured. I was in the barn and the water came down so fast that it was streaming into the barn before I knew it and could do anything about it. I spent the next hour and a half shovelling water out of the barn and now have a muddy mess in the center aisle. At least I kept it from going into the stables. I really need to make up some sandbags so that I can put them across the big door when it rains like this to stop it coming under the door.

I am very worried about Taxes' leg today. When I took off the bandage yesterday evening his fetlock and pastern were quite swollen and I suspected that the pressure bandage that I had applied may have been too tight. I applied a loose bandage so I could see what was up today. The swelling went down but today his whole leg from the hock to the hoof are swollen and obviously very painful. I managed to get him out and hose his leg for 20 minutes with cold water. It was his first time out and first time exposed to the hose. He was actually very good about it. I took his temperature and it appears normal so will have to check that in the morning. I spoke with the vet and he doesnt seem to think that it was the tight bandage but advised me to leave it with a very loose dressing if anything at all. I have to cover it because the flies are dreadful at the moment and an open wound will just make his life unbearable. I have to try to hose it two or three times a day until the swelling goes down.

So my day has been hectic once more and I didnt get anything done that I planned. MiKael I am glad that I jogged your memory on the shavings LOL, I still havent unloaded mine. We should be dry the next few days but temps in the mid 90s again.

Well that's it for now folks, (((((Hugs))))) and see y'all tomorrow.



Rising Rainbow said...

Wow, you are getting a bunch of rain. We've had just enough here to make it too slick to work horses outside but not enough to really help with how dry it has been.

I did get shavings ordered. Thankfully I don't have to do anything but make the call and pay. They deliver here and unload it into my shavings shed.

That's odd about Taxes' leg. I wonder what's going on. Can you put Swat on the wound and leave it open. That pink stuff is messy but it's always worked for me to keep the flies off.

Don't know that I've told the story yet about the mare with the hole in her chest (big enough to stick Dave's fist into it and not touch anything) but I put Swat all around the edges of that and it worked great. I had to clean the wound twice a day it was draining so much but then I reapplied the Swat.

Hope you have a better day tomorrow and that the swelling goes down in Taxes leg.

Mike said...

Hi Lori,

I have no idea what kind of caterpillars those are. You are right there is not much that will feed on milkweed.

Sorry to hear about Taxes leg. At least he is taking your treatment well. He probably likes all your attention right now.

Glad to hear you got some needed rain albeit all at once.

Take care from sunny Charlotte NC.


Anonymous said...

It is a Milweed Tiger Moth and eats Milkweed. I don't think it will kill the plant as they sprout from underground rizones. BUt it could be something else too.

I sure hope Taxes gets well. What a bummer this is.

We also got 2½ inches of rain the other day. A blessing indeed.

Kathy C said...

Lorie, I'm sorry Taxes' leg has taken a turn for the worse. The poor thing.

CG said...

What gorgeous catapillars; really eyecatching {{{HUGS}}

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