Wednesday, August 22, 2007

22 August 2007

Not an exciting pic today it is a snapshot of three of the mares at the pasture down the road. It is starting to green up now thanks to the rain. It isnt the most flattering pic as I shot it with a wide angle lens which has distorted them a bit and they have been having a good roll in the mud LOL. Despite the fact that we had probably 5 inches of rain in two days there is practically no standing water. Our field is normally a lake at the bottom end when we have even an inch, but it was so dry that it all just got absorbed. It was terribly hot (topped at about 90F) with a humidity of probably about 90% today. Totally unbearable to be outside, combined with the fact that the barn is still muddy in the aisleway which just makes it more humid in the barn so impossible to work in there. So tomorrow will be another day and hopefully I will eventually get my sawdust unloaded and the stalls cleaned before the show that I have to shoot this weekend.
Taxes is doing really well, he is leading beautifully and standing while I hose his leg down and I am starting to see the swelling going down. MiKael I have never heard of Swat but have checked it out and will try to get some either via mail or at the first opportunity that I can get to go to Muncie where I can buy it over the counter. It comes in clear and pink now, which would you recommend? I am plastering it with Ichthammol 20% (a black salve) which has a really strong odor and it seems to be keeping the flies at bay. It is impossible to keep a loose bandage on so it has had to remain uncovered. I hosed his leg three times today and even got him standing while I sprayed him on his chest and under his neck so we are making progress. Mike you are right, I think he is really enjoying the special attention. Our white stud (Blue) was the same, he was 18 months old when he had his accident and I tended him every day for 4 months and he is such a nice horse to be around now.
We are in for another hot day tomorrow too so I hope I can get my butt into gear and start early and get some stuff done before it gets too hot.
Hope you are all well (((Hugs)))) to those who need them.


Rising Rainbow said...

Sorry I didn't get to this yesterday, it was such a long long day, I posted my blogs and hit the sack! But about the Swat, I have never tried the clear but it's been out for years now so must be as good as the pink. I'd get what I could find. Maybe if there is a tack store as vendor at your show this weekend, you might find some there.

Glad to hear that the swelling is going down. I'm still fighting this wound of Echo's here and think I'm going to end up with proud flesh despite all my efforts, it just makes me sick!! I sure hope Taxes does better than Echo.

Again good luck at the show.

CG said...

Hope you are surviving the heat and humidity and that Taxes continues to recover well.

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