Thursday, August 23, 2007

23 August 2007

Okay I know it is not Xmas but thought a "cooler" photo might be a good thing. Some of you have probably seen this shot which I included in my calendars last year but I have been submitting photos to a horse magazine called The Horse for use in their publication. They are normally small images and pay a smallish fee but it is nice to have that check in the mail from time to time even if it is small LOL. This was one I put together for their lastest requests looking for festive type shots and I think it turned out really cute so I thought I would post it and "cool" us all down a bit. That is Cayenne on the left and Cookie on the right and yes they were wearing the hats and it was snowing, I was standing out in it to take the shots while they were inside the barn.

Exceptionally hot today, very very humid, unbearable but I managed to get the sawdust unloaded and three stables stripped and rebedded. Taxes is doing really well. His leg is improving and the swelling is down. He was very happy with his clean stable. When I put him out in the bottom of the barn while I cleaned his stall I gave him his Jolly Balls to play with and he loves biting, kicking and jumping on them. So cute I could watch him all day. He is turning into a really nice clever little colt.

Well it is late so off to get my beauty sleep again, I have to leave for the show tomorrow evening so will try to post before I leave and then hopefully Joyce will have her laptop again and we will be able to get online and I can post on Saturday. I am rather looking forward to this show, it is my first Arabian show and these horses can be so showy and animated, I love it. Hopefully I can get stacks of fabulous pictures.

((((Hugs))))) everyone.


Mike said...

So glad to hear Taxes is doing well. I am also glad to hear you are getting rain. I hope you have a really good time at the Arabian show and I am going to be glad to get home to my camera!

Mike said...

I must be getting forgetful. I love the picture! It does cool you down a bit.

Rising Rainbow said...

I must admit I did a double take when I saw the snow and hats. lol I can't imagine that mother nature co-operated so well for you to provide the snow and good lighting and the horses kept their hats on!!!

Good luck at the Arab show, I'll be thinking of you. And while I know you liked the pic on my blog at the lope, hope you know that's not what the trainer's will be looking for. They want those horses at the jog or trot except of course the costume horses who want the canter or gallop. A great gallop is best. And the reiners and trail horse doing whatever they do best. Reiners usually they take them in their slides.

You could get to see some big name trainers where you're going. I know that Bob Hart travels up there for shows. He's THE man in western for me.

I wish I was going. Have to bug to show, no horse ready but the bug to do it. lol

Will be thinking and wondering about you all weenend!!

Kathy C said...

Excellent Photo!

CG said...

Glad Taxes is doing better and what a "cool" pic Lori!

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