Thursday, August 30, 2007

30 August 2007

I found this guy chomping all the new shoots off of my one tomato bush today. Mr Tomato Worm makes for a really colorful subject to shoot. I am going to try to get some more of him tomorrow morning, it was already quite late this evening when I discovered him.

This is going to be a short one today, we had a slight glitch in the proofs and seemed to be missing a whole bunch of Joyce's so I had to get about 170 files sent to me so that Larry could post them on my website. It took ages and before I knew it the clock said 4pm and the evening chores were due to start!!

((((Hugs)))) everyone you are all in my thoughts. So many of my blogging buddies having a hard time at the moment. Sending positive vibes in all of your directions (((Hugs)))



Mike said...

Wow, this is one uggggly tomato worm. Beautiful picture though. Hope you got rid of him!

Thanks for your visit today and thanks for the positive vibes! I have been itching to post again and this is only day one of my self imposed exile. You guys have me hook, line and sinker. It will be a couple days though at least before I put something up. I am planning a little photo trip on Labor Day that may get my creative juices flowing again.

Hope you guys are doing well. Have fun at your show this weekend, tell Larry hi and I am going to head over to your new blog to see the latest on Taxes.

Take care,


Mike said...

Never mind. I thought from Abe's post that you had some new shots up! Sounds like Taxes may be calming down a bit if he is taking to the rope well. Am I right?

Rising Rainbow said...

Hope you got the issues with the missing shots fixed. Stuff like that can be so frustrating.

As for the tagging thing, from what I understand about it you tell who tagged you using their link and you tag five more using their links (I think the idea is to help us all in the search engines by keeping our links current and connected) and you write about 5 things we don't know about you (or 5 things you think we don't

My brain is so mushed right now I can't remember if there was anything else you asked the meantime, I hope you have a good time at the show. i'll be thinking about you.

CG said...

Hope you find out what happended to the missing shots. That beastie is too handsome to be called a worm! {{HUGS}}

Cathrine said...

:-( poor guy, when he was covered I mean.
His friend lives in my blog. Check him out in my 'animals' section

:) Cathrine
Moss, Norway

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