Saturday, August 4, 2007

4 August 2007

I missed my catblogging pic yesterday, my brain is like a sieve, cant remember from one minute to the next LOL. This is one taken a while back of the one barn cat "Yellow Cat" when we still had some green grass.

It has been hot again today but not as bad as the past few days, the humidity was down so it was bearable. I got some of the barn work done, moved Taxes and Momma into the big barn, put up a partition between them and Blue because his momma fights with the horses around her and kicks the walls and if he is in the way it is just too bad. Prevention is better than cure. Taxes is eating like a little pig so I have also had to put them into a stall where I can creep feed him (give him feed that he can get to but his momma can't). I am glad he has such a good appetite.
I made a good start on cleaning the barn today so hopefully tomorrow I can get it finished.

Well that was my day, nothing exciting to report other than the starter motor in my truck has packed in and I got stuck in town. Had to get some young chaps to push me so that I could jump start it (it is a manual gearbox or a "stick shift" as they call it here).

Hope everyone is well ((((Hugs))))



Rising Rainbow said...

LOL Now you're really going to confuse me, catblogging Friday on Saturday! Yellow cat looks quite content.

Hope your Sunday is a good one!

L said...

Wow! I haven't been here in a couple weeks... I'm so sorry to hear about Taxes, tell him to BEHAVE himself with that bandage! Not fun to have to deal with an injured foal, for sure.

The show pictures look cool. Hopefully you can sell a lot :-)

Anonymous said...

Good to see your cat is enjoying the grass when it was still green. Sounds like us. It is like walking on a mown wheat field. Crunchy.

Hope Taxes gets back to normal. Is his leg or food going to be OK and nothing to worry about?

Take care, hard working lady.

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