Monday, August 6, 2007

6 August 2007

It just gets hotter and hotter every day, I hope it cools down like they expect for the weekend because I have another horse show this weekend. So far they are predicting mid to upper 90s going into the end of the work week and then supposedly upper 80s for the weekend. Man I am gonna roast!!

As promised here is a pic of the Brat (Mike's little Buddy) Taxes using his creep feeder. I have devised these in the stall walls or in the sliding doors for the stalls that have sliding doors. He is a little big for it but is still managing to use it nicely. They would normally be able to use it from the time they are born but the stall that he and momma were in didnt have one of these so I was a bit apprehensive and didnt know if he would be willing to put his head through. He is eating like a little piglette!!! Look at that little face, butter wouldnt melt in that mouth the little darling. He is really being good with his dressing changes and so far has not done any chewing of bandages.

This is a shot without his head in it so you can see it a bit more clearly.
It was dreadfully hot today, heat index in the low hundreds, very very humid. The three girls are doing well outside too and I put the Lori and Cayenne and Dosie out in the field next to them tonight so I think all is working well so far. I love looking out of the kitchen window and seeing them all out there, good for my soul!!

Well an early night again today for me, the heat is really getting to me. I am still waiting for the printer paper to be delivered, should be here tomorrow or Wednesday so I can get the orders from the show out to the competitors.

((((Hugs))))) to everyone. Carmi thanks so much for your visit, it was great to see you again, I know the feeling with getting behind on my blogging visits. Hopefully things will slow down again and we can get caught up, I miss the interaction everyone used to have when things were slower LOL.



Julie Blair said...

Taxes is so cute. That photo made me chuckle! So cute with him sticking his head thru...Mike and I will have to fight over him! I am sorry it is so hot there. My parents are in North carolina and they say it is roasting there too. Try and keep cool-drink alot of water!!

Mike said...

Hi Lori, it is certainly good to see my little buddy making a pig of himself. Maybe that is why I like him so well! I hope his leg heals well and that the scar is not too noticable.

I am glad you guys got a little rain. We have gone into a full blown drought now. What a wierd year. It has been near 100 degrees here and especially toward St. Louis.

Julie you will have to win the fight but I get visiting rights! He is a handsome little devil isn't he?

Take care. Sorry I haven't been as good a visitor lately. Seems time is always running short.

Anonymous said...

Now I know what a creep feeder is and that is a great shot of the head of Taxes eating.

It is roasting here too.

I published some computer generated art on my blog today. Brookville Daily Photo

Rising Rainbow said...

I have never seen a creep feeder done that way. That is cool! There's no way the mare can cheat and get her head in there!

Sorry to hear it is so hot there. That's why I live here, can't take those kinds of temps. Hope it cools down for your horse show this weekend.

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