Wednesday, August 8, 2007

8 August 2007

I went to visit a friend down the road today who has horses too and she wanted me to take some pictures of her new yearling and two babies so Larry could see them. It was dreadfully hot, upper 90s today, heat index mid 100s. They didnt want to move around much. The yearling had never been with the babies before and he was amazing, took them right into his care like they had always been there. It is so nice when these things work out. The little colt on the right with the white legs is a grandson of our horse Dosie (the one that we had gelded). The other colt has a bandaged leg because he also cut it, like Taxes but not as badly fortunately for him.

Another short one tonight. I have nearly finished printing all my photos, the paper and ribbons arrived today. I will get them mailed tomorrow then I can start all over again for the show this weekend LOL. This time I will get them out faster becaue I have the supplies.

Taxes is growing like a weed, I can't believe the rate that he is filling out at. He is looking gorgeous. I am going to have to get the vet out tomorrow because I am not happy with the way his leg is healing.

MiKael in answer to your question, the 3 girls all have the same daddy (the stud that our friend had to put down a few months ago when he got kicked in the shoulder and broke it). Their mothers are also related, wont go into those. The stud colt Dream also has the same daddy and his momma was the one we lost along with her baby who would have been a full brother to Dream. His momma is also closely related to the mothers of the 3 fillies. On the question of mosquitos, I have hardly seen any this year because it has been so dry so I am not too concerned about them and West Nile. Normally I wouldnt turn them out at night because they would be eaten alive. I am so glad that you got some riding in, I wish i could get some in too.

Mike I sympathise, we are also in an extreme drought situation in Northeastern Indiana now. It is unbearable. All of the horses have their fans on or else they would suffocate in this heat (okay so I spoil my horses LOL). The four mares down the road are coping pretty well and are all fat and healthy still.

It was in the upper 70s when we woke this morning, wonder what tomorrow has in store for us.

Hope everyone is well. ((((Hugs))))))



Mike said...

Hi Lori,

A nice shot of the neighbors clan. The babies seem younger than Taxes or either he has filled out more.

I sure hope he gets a good vet report. I am worried about him. After following his life I have become slightly attached to the rascal.

We may be hot but at least to this point we have had a decent year of rain. I know you guys haven't had much.

Take care. I am glad you got all your supplies and can finish your project. Good luck this weekend.

Anonymous said...

Good for you. Fans are a great help. I pity those animals without fans or water. Imagine how a deer much have to search all over for a drink. I wish more people would put water out for wildlife in these extreme conditions.

Nice photos of the horses too.

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