Wednesday, September 12, 2007

12 September 2007

No pretty pictures today I am afraid. This is the rear end of Wiggle, poor baby. The rest of her body and BB and Cats are improving, but the worst areas were her hindquarters either side of her tail and inside her back legs. I have been spraying her with a conditioner solution and betadine and baby oil which seems to be helping but of course the dirt is getting lodged into the scabby areas and that is the black that you can see. Normally you wouldnt be able to see the pink at all. I have another ointment that I am going to put on her legs tomorrow to see if it will help. I sprayed her with sunscreen today as well. So I suppose it is a waiting game. It has been far cooler which had been a help.

I spent the whole day rebuilding 500 - 600 ft of old damaged fencing that has been slowly disintigrating. I had Cayenne escape two nights in a row and then the next night Lori got out too. Unfortunately my neighbor who we dont have a good relationship with, and who works until midnight came home on two of the nights at 12.30am to find one of my horses standing by their garage, she said that Lori was inside the garage!!! Not good!!! So I have had them stalled until I could get the fence repaired. I ran new strands and then ran a hot wire along the full length. I also put orange tape on it to make it more visible and only finished checking it and putting the horses back out at 8.30pm this evening so it has been another long day. I am once again getting far behind on my blogging visits, I am sorry. Didn't even touch the new wooden fence, that will have to continue tomorrow.
I have another horse show this weekend at New Castle. We wont be staying in a hotel, it is a 50 minute drive and with it only being a two day show we will drive back and forth each morning and evening. My last show will be two weekends after that but it is in Edinburgh which means two nights away again, and that will be it for the year.
Well that is it for today. ((((Hugs)))) to you all.


Kathy C said...

Boy Wiggles sure does look itchy. Poor dear. Hang in there Lori!

Mike said...

That is the strangest thing. Not having grown up or ever been around horses I had no idea they could have sunburn.

Hang in there Lori, I know it is a rough time.

Maybe we should have a blog fence raising party.

Will try to check in on the trip. It will all depend on internet connections as you well know.

Take care


oldmanlincoln said...

I know you have contacted the vet and what does he/she say? I never heard of this condition in horses or cows or anything in the farm animal community. Never even thought about it. I would guess it must have something to do with their feed.

CG said...

Poor wiggle - it looks awful. you must be feeling so tired! {{HUGS}}

Rising Rainbow said...

Oh, Wiggle, it looks very painful to me. I sure hope she's getting better.

I can't believe you do all that fencing yourself. You must be exhausted!!

I hope that your show is successful. And I'm sorry you have a commute. I know after a long day how that 50 minute drive can feel.

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