Thursday, September 20, 2007

20 September 2007 (2nd post)

Abraham asked me about my calendars. Here are a few examples of what I did last year. I also did two on cats. The pictures show what one of the pages looks like on the left and on the right are all the pictures I used, one on each month.




Rising Rainbow said...

So you design them in publisher but then what do you do about the printing??

Calendars with good Arabian horses and good pictures are pretty hard to come by. It would be fun to be able to do something up of my own horses.

Donna said...

And how does one buy one of these beautiful calendars for 2008?

oldmanlincoln said...

If you don't want to post it, Lori, can you send me the name of the people you deal with who prints or copies the calendars? I am interested in doing one this year called Bugs and Birds.

If you don't have it my email is on my profile.


Your calendars are beautiful.

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