Thursday, September 20, 2007

20 September 2007

Not such a good day today. We are hoping to get people from Michigan tomorrow to look at the horses with an intention to buy. We have been let down so many times before that I am not going to let my hopes get up.

I saw these flowers down in the field last night and was going to try to photograph them early this morning but forgot so I cut some off tonight but by the time I came to photograph them it was dark and despite being in water they were starting to wilt. I will try to get some tomorrow in daylight. Just thought they would give a bit of brightness to the blog today.

It was dreadfully hot again, 86 by this evening (normal average is 76), the mosquitos are really bad. When I woke up this morning I looked out the window at the horses in the field and they were milling around with their tails thrashing and obviously uncomfortable. Just hope it cools down soon so that they will go away.

Didn't get any more of the fence done today because I had to go into town to do some shopping and by the time I got back it was too hot.

Abraham, I try to make calendars for my special clients each year, they are nothing fantastic but I get them printed fairly reasonably. I tried to sell some last year but I left it too late in the year before I got them out. If I dont get them together for selling I will still be making some for particular people. I use an old version of Publisher. It took a bit of getting used to but it works really well. If you would like some help with getting one set up let me know and I will help in any way I can.

Donna I wish you were closer, I would love to sell you a paint and for a much more reasonable price. Dont know how much it would cost to ship one from here to you but it could very well work out less expensive than what they wanted for the mare.

Tracey, everything in print and photos on the web or otherwise is the sole property of the creator (and this is not just professional writers and photographers, it means anyone). You dont have to have a copyright disclaimer or your name on it, it is just a face. It is difficult to prosecute someone for just posting the picture on their site, but it is good etiquette to ask the creator for permission. I am sure most will allow a shot or text to be used, with credit given to them as long as it is not being used for profit by the person wanting to use it. I will try to find a link to a site put together by an artist (they have just as much trouble protecting their paintings) which should shed a bit more light. Basically if you did not create it, it does not belong to you and you need to ask permission.

On the subject of stolen artwork, the next time you see an "original" painting offered on eBay think of where it originated. They are mass producing paintings in China by the thousands every day, a lot without permission, and selling them here in the USA. Same applies to a lot of the posters and probably framed prints you may find in Walmart, although that I cannot be sure of. I just know that on eBay it is a big problem, I have had a photo stolen, "painted" in photoshop digitally and put on eBay for sale as greeting cards and prints. In China they will get maybe 100 painters together in a factory with easels and paints and they will give them a picture that they must copy. They do at least one a day each, get paid nothing for them and then the organisers flood the market. There are also american painters who will copy work but not on such a large scale and some of them also sell on eBay. I belong to a group called the Equine Art Protection League who look out for each other and it is our mission to get as many thieves closed down. We have had one eBay member closed down about 15 times in just over a year. She keeps popping up again and we report her and she gets closed down. She is well aware that what she is doing is theft but doesnt seem to care and has tried every trick in the book to get around us. At this time of the year she sells a lot of Christmas cards and greeting cards with images of horses, dogs, cats and general animals, all lifted off the internet. The beauty of it is that once eBay has closed someone down they can NEVER have an eBay account again, so this is out trump card. We concentrate mainly on equine images because that is what we all specialise in. If the stolen work is on someone's website, we contact the web hosting service and they will close the site down. I could go on all night about this but rather I will find some links so that anyone interested can check it out.

Okay off my soapbox. Hope you all had a great day. (((Hugs)))


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Rising Rainbow said...

I hope that your visitors tomorrow come through for you. I know what a relief it would be to sell a horse or two....or more.

The weather here is cool but was warmer today than expected. I have a bunch of sick horses. Young ones with snotty noses. That's going to put a crimp in my training plans.

I'm still working on the theft thing. I sent them a warning giving them five days to repsong. but it has been ignored so far. Next will be to contact the webmaster. It was quite a trip tracking that down but I think I've got it now.

The bad thing about ebay shutting them off as a seller is all they have to do is come back with a different user id and a different name and they're good to go again. It really doesn't shut them down for anything more than a day or two if they're really smart.

Sometimes I think they only ones making money on ebay are the crooks. I know Iused to support my herd there and now I barely make enough to pay for my wormer.

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