Wednesday, September 19, 2007

19 September 2007

I was having Taxes withdrawals so thought I would try to shoot some of the brat inside the barn. His leg is healing beautifully and the scar is nowhere near as big as I thought it was going to be. This little guy is looking like a tank and filling out. Not the greatest pictures but hope they satisfy the Taxes itch. I told him all day that MiKael had called him a Land Shark, I just love that analogy LOL. MiKael, thanks yes I did get the e-mail about the camera. I promise we will get together soon on that. I am sorry about your blog content, if there is any way I can help on that let me know I have become quite good at tracking people down on the internet. Give me a link to the stolen text and I will give it a go.

Our temps were in the low 60s this morning and by this evening it was 86 again with the next week expected to be in the upper 80s. I only got one more post set but I did get the stables finished in the main barn and the load of sawdust unloaded. Still working on the orders from the shows, we are starting to get online orders which is great.

That's it for today. More jobs piling up, I need to get some calendars made for next year to sell off the website and a thousand other things.

Hope you are all having a great week, great to see some of my old visitors popping in again!!!! I will get organised one day I hope :-(




Donna said...

Taxes looks great! Thanks for your insight via email reply the other day...we decided not to buy the little mare, but I still have my heart set on having a Paint one day.

Tracey said...

Those are wonderful shots!

I was interested in a comment you made over at Mikaela's regarding photos being copyright when on the web; is it only when those lifted photos are being used to make money that they're protected?

photogchic said...

He is a big tank! Good to see our boy growing up.

Rising Rainbow said...

He is a tank! And a land shark. How does he like his new name? That must be quite an itch! lol

It sounds to me like you have way more experience in tracking thiefs down than I do. I'm not even sure if what I'm looking at is right or not. I think I have the webmaster but am not sure how to or if I can verify that.

It's just such a pain.

Your temps are warmer than ours. It was in the high 40s here this morning and only got up to the mid 60s. I'm afraid that our summer is gone when I still needed to get some herbicide on a couple of problem areas in my pasture. It may have to wait until next year if it doesn't warm up.

I'm glad to hear that Taxes leg is healing well. One day I will have to do an update on Echo. I had hoped to get by without a scar but I guess that was too much to ask.

CG said...

Taxes is looking so beautiful. I laughed at him being called a land shark {{HUGS}}

Anna said...

Taxes looks great! I have been away for a bit but I am glad that I am catching up with all your images! Hope that you are doing well there Lori!

Anonymous said...

With all the love and care that horse got or gets it is no wonder he is looking good. More power to him.

You mentioned selling calendars off your site (here or somewhere else?) and that suddenly dawned on me to do it or try it with birds or bugs and birds (how is that for a calendar name).

You are Wonder Woman.

I hope you get to see what we did in Japan in 1953. Sendai-shi

Kathy C said...

Great photos again. Taxes looks amazing. I love the black and white.

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