Tuesday, September 18, 2007

18 September 2007

It is going to be another short one tonight. It was really hot this afternoon and I tried cleaning a few stalls and got four more posts concreted in for the fence. I also worked on some of my print orders and the picture today is one of the win shots that I did at the backdrop.

Other than that it has been a bit of a blaah day. MiKael I LOVE your analogy of Taxes and colts in general going throught the "land shark" stage LOL. I had to giggle when I read that, it will now forever be known as the land shark stage!!!

We thought we had a good home for two mares in Iowa who are in foal to a Palamino World Champion. They and the one foal are due to come back here any day. Anyway we spoke to the lady today and told her we would consider the price she was offering if we had the pick of the foals born next year. She turned that down because she said she was only really interested in the babies and would "dump" the mares after the foals had been weaned. NNNOOOOTTTT. These are two really nice mares. I am so bumbed at this situation because I dont want my horses going to a sale but it is getting more and more apparant that I am fighting a losing battle.

Hope everyone is well and having a great week. (((Hugs))))



Rising Rainbow said...

Nice picture!

I can't take credit for the "land shark" term, I heard it from a trainer when Legs was a baby and it stuck. It's just such a great description, I've not heard anything since then that does a better job of describing what those darn colts are like at that age.

Sounds like you had a busy day. I hope the weather continues to hold for you.

Sorry to hear the deal with the mares didn't work out. I wouldn't like that either.

I discovered today someone is stealing my blog content so I've spent most of my day trying to track them down and get them to stop. But considering what I'm going through trying to find them, they know full well what they are doing. It has been a convoluted trail and I still don't have a direct email. At the rate I'm going I'm going to turn into a cybergeek! Now that's a scary thought!

Hope you have a good day!!

Did you get my message about the camera?

Anonymous said...

Well, I hope it all works out. I agree with the observation about dumping the mares. What kind of soul is this?

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CG said...

Bad news about the mares. what nasty people there are out there!!

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