Thursday, September 27, 2007

27September 2007

This is going to be a quickie again. I have my last horse show this weekend which is a relief because it has been such a dreadful year in general. I thought I would post a copy of the business card that I created using the Brat's photo. An artist in Canada named Lesley White bought the rights to paint an original 24" x 18" oil of this picture which you can see here on her website names First Taste of Spring just click on the picture to see a bigger version. She has also used two other photos of mine as references, they are on and are called Lookin' Back and Unbridled Spirit. She does a beautiful job. The Lookin' Back one sold at the exhibition she had it at a few days after completing it and she had 3 people fighting over who would buy it!!! She said she has never had that happen to her before, made me feel good I have to say.

I dont know if I will get a post in tomorrow before I pack everything up because we are going to try to leave early afternoon as we have to drive around Indianapolis and dont want to hit the rush hour traffic. It is about a two and a half hour drive. The show is in Edinburgh. We will come home on Sunday night after the show finishes.

I rode Dosie again today and he did a fabulous job, he really is nice to ride and I think is warming up to me a bit more. I also taught Blaze a little more about lunging. Not too much because he is still young but enough to give him a bit of exercise, he has a bit of a gut on him, has always had one (that can usually be caused by worms but he has been regularly wormed and has been potbellied since he was little LOL).

Well guys, thanks all for your regular visits, hopefully after this show I can get some stuff done that has been neglected, mainly my regular blogging buddies who I have been grateful for. ((((Hugs)))) and if I dont check in until Sunday, see y'all Sunday and have a great weekend.



Rising Rainbow said...

This is a beautiful picture, no wonder she wanted to paint it.

Hope your show goes well. I'll be thinking about you.

CG said...

I agree, he looks great. good luck at the horse show! {{HUGS}}

oldmanlincoln said...

I like your card and I also like that horse on it as well as the oils the lady did of him. All nice work.

Good luck at the shows.

We are having some beautiful weather here in Ohio. Nice.

Mike said...

Hey I love your card! It is really great. Lesley's work is really neat. What a treat to have your work used like this! Someday I would only hope to have the same thing.

Have a great weekend Lori.


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