Wednesday, September 26, 2007

26 September 2007

I missed yesterday, am having a few hiccups in the pathway of life, hopefully will be back to my usual schedule soon. The picture today is of one of the foals (a yearling in the pic) that was born 3 weeks before I came over to USA. Her name is Christine and she was sold to people down the road from us and I see her every time I go to feed the mares. I suspect she may be in foal because she is looking like she has a bit of a belly on her!! She was born the same year as my filly Lori.

We had just under a quarter inch of rain over the past 24 hours which isnt much but we will take anything we can get. It is also starting to cool down a bit again which is a blessing but that normally means that wham bam and it is winter all of a sudden with nothing in between LOL.

I kept the horses in since last night to give the field a chance to dry a bit and also have a rest from their hooves, but I am going to have to put them out again tomorrow. I am going to leave them out as long as possible or else I am going to have a ton of stables to keep clean.

I visited a site today via another blog that I frequent as a lurker which left me even more disturbed about the abuse of horses sent to the slaughter houses than ever. It was very graphic and made me more determined to hold onto my horses for as long as I have to until I can find good homes for them. It was heartbreaking to see the photos.

So all in all I am not a very happy camper at the moment and having serious doubts about the compassion of a vast number of the human race. I wish I had space for all of those poor abused horses.

(((((Hugs)))) to you all.



Rising Rainbow said...

Yes, don't we all wish we could save the horses but unfortunately we cannot. The problem of abuse in horses is as widespread as the problem of abuse between human beings.

Until we humans figure out how to treat each other with compassion and understanding, I am afraid that there isn't much hope that the horse will be treated with any better regard.

oldmanlincoln said...

I will echo your concerns about horses and their slaughter for dog food. They used to round up wild horses and slaughter them for dog food but I think the outcry stopped it.

We also had one quarter inch of rain yesterday and needed it. And then it rained last night and is raining this morning.

The horse with the tongue out is really neat. I like the photo.

Mike said...

I agree that abuse is the name of the game here. Seems like in all these years we haven't learned a thing. We abuse each other, animals, the land and everything else. How long will this planet and the Good Lord put up with us?

Love the picture, wish there was a way to help you cheer up.


CG said...

I love the photo of the horse. I can't understand how people can treat these beautiful creatures so badly. Where would man have been without the horse?

Lulu said...

A friend of mine went to a local horse sale a few weeks ago. She came home with a weanling, and after hearing some of the stories I'm glad I wasn't there.

I guess weanlings were selling for $25-$50...even those with registration applications!! I know I would have come home with at least ONE to love. The truly depressing part was some of the older horses that were loaded up for slaughter.

Elaine said...

It is a shame the way some people and/or corporations treat animals.

I love your picture!

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