Monday, September 24, 2007

24 September 2007

I found two more tomato worms on my one plant again today. The one had those little cocoons (wasps) all over it poor thing and the other was this guy, big and fat!! I can't bring myself to kill them even though they are eating my tomatoes. I love his colors, when he changes into a moth aparantly he is a plain brown guy!!

The sale of the horses didnt happen, very disappointing, but goes with the territory. I rode Dosie again today and he did so well. I also worked with Blaze (the foal that I am with in my picture on this blog on the right). He is 18 months old now and has always been the most amazing laid back calm foal since the day he was born. He has taken everything I have thrown at him in his stride with no hysterics. I clipped his mane with the electric clippers where the bridle goes behind the ears (we shave the mane away for a few inches so it doesnt get all rubbed up by the leather) and he was great, normally when you show a horse the electric clippers for the first time they have a heart attack LOL. I shaved him round his fetlocks (just above the hooves where the hair is long at the back) and I saddled him. I had to encourage him to move around in a circle (called lunging) around me and when he trotted he did a few small bucks because the saddle felt strange but then he settled right down. This colt is going to make some person a wonderful riding horse, he is the most sane, sound and sensible baby we have ever bred and is loving and "in your pocket" to boot, demands attention. We only did about 10 minutes work as he is still very young. You will normally start a horse when they are 2 years old but even then you have to be careful not to overdo it because they only really mature in their bone structure and finish growing when they are about 4. The "ground work" can start at about 18 months old, getting them used to the saddle, bridle, pressure on the reins to turn, flex their necks, yield to pressure etc. They also have plates in their knees that will only close after they are 2 so you can damage their legs if you aren't careful. Oh and I also gave him a bath, sprayed him with the hose and guess what, he stood like an angel!!!!

Had a very hot day today again, minimum 66 and maximum 92 again. It should start cooling down tomorrow again and we are hoping for rain to move in from tomorrow at about lunch time. We really need it.

Mike welcome back, I will visit your blog soon to catch up on all your travels, hope you had a great time. Well that is it for today, still trying to catch up on my backlog. Hope you are all having a great week. ((((Hugs))))



Mike said...

Those tomato worms are amoung the most beautiful of the worms or caterpillars. They can be so destructive though.

Hopefully my life has now settled down now that I am back from my "expedition"

I am sorry the horse sale didn't occur. It will though. You just need to hang in there.

Take care.


oldmanlincoln said...

Hello Lori.
Your comment about the horses not selling reminded me of a lady we had in engineering where I worked. If the union got a raise for the workers (office help wasn't included in the negoiations) she would go into debt for something and expect the company to give office workers a comparable raise. She just spent herself into problems over and over again. LOL

I did enjoy reading about blaze. Growing up horse must be a tough life for many animals. It always sounds like you do a bit more than most.

Rising Rainbow said...

Sorry to hear that the sale didn't go through. I know how frustrating that can be.

Sounds like you had a busy day working horses. And what a good boy, Blaze was, That's always nice when they just take things in stride.

Your low temps are our highs. Nights are getting closer to freezing every day. We, too, are looking for some rain. Sadly once it starts it probably will never stop. lol

Hope you have a good day!

CG said...

Blaze sounds adorable. I wish he was mine but then i think that about so many of your horses. The tomato worm is so pretty. I guess that makes up for being a boring grey moth.
Thinking of you and sending you {{HUGS}}

Memories Catcher said...

Beautiful shot.I like the colors a lot.Great composition and light.Good job!

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