Sunday, September 23, 2007

23 September 2007

Well I am slowly slogging through the list of TO DOs and it is still getting longer rather than shorter. Got some more print orders done today. I rode Dosie (the stud that we gelded a few months back) because Larry had mentioned him as part of the deal to the lady who is interested in the filly. He and I have never really gelled. He is good with me and listens and obedient but there is an underlying resentment there. You get that sometimes, where you just dont click and unfortunately he is one of those. He is a very nice horse, rides beautifully considering the lack of riding he has had and a pretty boy to boot. He is the father of Blue, Wiggle, Lori, Cayenne, Cookie and Eb (the B&W yearling) among others who we have sold. I think he has one of the nicest heads I have seen on a horse. Considering he has had nothing done with him since we got him back from that "trainer" in April, and we are in serious doubt that he even did anything with him, I lunged him for about ten minutes then got up and rode him with no problem, good boy. He just needs someone who will love him who he can love back. I suppose we will find out tomorrow if they were seriously interested or not. Fingers and toes crossed.

I walked around the pasture this morning to check fences and see what flowers were sprouting. Todays pics are three that I took. It has been very dry again but we are expecting a chance of rain on Tuesday so I hope we get it.

Abraham the people who print the calendars for me are actually not general printers, they publish the Code of Federal Regulations and the owner of the firm is Larry's cousin so I will have to get hold of them and ask if they would be prepared to print up some for you and get a quote for you. Would you be looking at a certain number to print or small numbers as ordered? I am hoping that I can get them to print them up as they are ordered and mail them out for me and bill me for the printing and postage but I am not sure if they would be willing to do that for anyone else. If you are just going to have a bunch made up I am sure they will agree to do them and ship them to you.

MiKael send me a few of the pictures you would like to use, full resolution straight out of the camera and I will have a look at them and see if they will print nicely or not. The pictures on the calendars I do normally are about 6"x4" so you may very well get away with it if you do them similar to mine.

Well that is it for another day. I have to say I started the day out badly but after riding I felt a lot better, but then lapsed into depression again until this evening. I just need something really positive to come out of something soon.




Mike said...

Beautiful flowers. I love that top one. The bottom one makes me sneeze. Ragweed I believe!

Cheer up things will improve. I have been catching up on your posts. Remember you have some very high quality horses.

Take care.


Rising Rainbow said...

Don't worry about me an calendars, I think you have enough on your plate.

I'm glad your ride went ok. If you don't get this horse sold, I have an exercise you can do with him that should help with the attitude thing.

When dealing with depression it always helped me to remember one step at a time. I'd break things down into pieces instead of being overwhelmed by the whole that is life or whatever the problem might be. Then I'd keep reminding myself to stay focused on the step. It made things more manageable.

Hope you have a better day tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

I would be hard pressed to give you a number since I have not done this before on calendars and the time span isn't long. It would be nice to order those needed when needed. But ask them and see what they say. I would appreciate your commets back.

My son, in Florida, does this all the time and I will also ask him. So don't feel bad if they seem kind of fuzzy in answering your questions about me and my calendars. LOL

I wonder if the horse you rode had some resentment for not getting enough attention? I used to be around horses a lot when I was a teenager and thought I knew something about them, like dogs, but I guess not. Either that or the generations have changed horses like they have changed us.

CG said...

Your flowers are beautiful and I was interested in reading about the horse.

Anna said...

So pretty!

Hi Lori! I hope that you are well!

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