Wednesday, September 5, 2007

5 September 2007

This is the last shot that I took at the show this weekend, I love it!!!! This little girl is so tiny perched on top of this big horse who is so good. I will post another picture of her tomorrow so you can see just how tiny she is. She and the other children got these little horse toys from one of the classes that they rode in and they were all playing with them.
Another very hot day, didnt have a great one, feeling a bit yukky, hot flushes and nausea so dont know if it is the heat or the change of life LOL.
Cayenne got out of the field last night just after midnight, got a call from the neighbor to tell us she was outside their garage LOL so I trudged out in the middle of the night to capture a wayward horse. She is an escape artist and now that she had escaped once (I stil dont know where she got out) she will do it again until I mend all of the fences so she is going to have to stay inside until I have done that.
Well that is another day over, the year is just flying by. Hope you are all well ((((Hugs))))


Rising Rainbow said...

very cute and so is her little horse prize!

Sorry to hear the heat is getting to you. There is nothing fun about hot flashes and nausea whether it's from the heat or the change. They still suck, big time!!

Hope tomottow is a better day!

Mike said...

What a great picture. I love this one.

Sorry you are not feeling well. Part of life I guess, one time it may be good to be a guy!

Hope you get the fences mended...Cayenne must be pretty clever or one determined horse.

Gotta run. Thanks for stopping by.


CG said...

What a charming photo; one of your best! Hope you feel better soon! {{HUGS}}

Kathy C said...

I hope you are feeling better Lori.

oldmanlincoln said...

Lori take care of yourself. Who will take care of the horses if you don't take care of yourself?

How is Taxes' leg?

I love this photograph you took today.


My contribution to my post isn't pretty but it is different.

If you have not seen a tomato horn worm lately, complete with cocoons of predator wasps aboard, then take a look if you have time.

annulla said...

What a great image! That girl looks like the happiest kid in the world; she is just in horse heaven. Beautiful!

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