Thursday, September 6, 2007

6 September 2007

At the horse shows I will often shoot pictures of the other animals around and 9 times out of 10 the owners love the shots and buy a copy of it which is great. Here are two doglettes that I captured at the show last weekend.

I got the fence marked out finally and hopefully a friend of ours will be able to come over tomorrow with his auger which runs on his tractor and we can get the holes dug so that I can start building the fence and finally have a safe secure place for Gee the race horse and the studs to get some exercise. With not being able to use the area for so long the grass has grown and I know they will be eager to get their teeth into it LOL.

We had a much cooler day today but it was still very humid. We have chances of rain over the next few days, I hope we do see some of it.

The Indianapolis Colts (Last year's Super Bowl winners) are playing the season opener tonight against the Saints. At this time they are slightly behind so here's hoping that they start the season on a good note and don't lose this one. Lots of excitement over this game. As Susan would say GO COLTS!! I know that you non Americans will probably wonder what I am talking about LOL.

Hope all is well with everyone. Abraham identified the white thingys on my tomato worm as wasps which hatch from eggs laid in the worm and spin cocoons. When they are ready to emerge they open the end of the cocoon and start their short lives too. The poor tomato worm doesnt get a very good deal on this one. If you look at my links on the side you can check out more details, his blog is Abraham Lincoln and he has some really great stuff on it.

I am going to turn in for the night. ((((Hugs)))) for everyone and see y'all tomorrow.



Rising Rainbow said...

Cute puppies! I know the Arabian shows seem to be do central. Everyone has some kind of a dog with them. I've seen breeds of dogs I never knew existed. lol

Glad to hear the fence is progressing. That is really hard work. I don't envy you.

Hope you get the rain you need.

Mike said...

Very nice. I bet these are popular with the dogs owners!

We are getting rain! Lots of rain! I hope it heads your way.

CG said...

I especially like the first dog. Hope you get the fence sorted soon. Very interesting news on the poor old tomato worm! {{HUGS}}

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