Saturday, October 13, 2007

13 October 2007

Okay so I was lazy and didnt post the last two days LOL. Really I have had a few blaaah days and have not shot anything in a week so have been very uninspired once again. We had frost this morning, hard to think that a week ago it was in the 90s with minimums upper 60s, now the minimums 7 days later are in the upper 30s!!! I must say I am enjoying the cooler weather a lot more though, just wish that the comfortable temps would last a bit longer, not just the few days between too hot or too cold.

The picture today is one that I shot of Wiggle a few years ago using slow shutter speed to create the blur effect. You would think shots like this would be easy to get but believe me they arent LOL.

The fence is slowly getting finished. The lad who was helping didnt show on Wednesday and we knew he wouldnt be here Thursday or Friday because they were moving house. He came in for about 2 hours yesterday but we wont see him until Monday (hopefully). I really want to get this darn fence finished now so that I can use the area. Taxes needs exercise other than running around in the bottom half of the barn. He has always been so active and he is bouncing off the walls. He is so naughty.

Well nothing exciting to report. Hope you are all having a great weekend thus far and continue to for tomorrow. (((Hugs))))



Anonymous said...

Neat photo. I like it. Reminds me of those prehistoric horses.

Mike said...

I get photos like this by accident. I never thought about trying one. Neat effect.

I understand what you mean about not being or feeling creative to get out and take some pictures. I never like to when I am stressed or have alot to do.

Take care, hope you are doing well.


Rising Rainbow said...

Gee, I thought pics like this were my speciality. I have a couple from the show this weekend and the horse's is all blurry and the rest clear. lol I'm never gonna get this camera thing down.

Hope you get your fence done soon. I"m sure you'll be glad to have that out of your way.

CG said...

Interesting effect...sort of ghost-like!

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