Sunday, October 14, 2007

14 October 2007

Brat baby, aka Taxes, aka Mikes little buddy, will be 6 months old tomorrow!!! Here are a few shots that I took of him today, not too pretty because he was in the roundpen but he needed to get the exercise. We got some more of the back fence finished today, hopefully Mark will come tomorrow and he and Larry will get it all finished while I take care of the work that needs doing inside, like getting the photos mailed.

It was a beautiful day today, not too hot and not too cold. I want to get a few big round bales of hay to put out in the fields. It is still terribly dry and while we are not having to deal with mud I may as well let them have something to do with themselves other than stand around swatting flies off of each other and dying of boredom.

So that is my excitement for the day LOL, hope you all had a great weekend, will check in again tomorrow. (((Hugs)))



Rising Rainbow said...

Oh my! He's grown like a little weed. He's absolutely huge!! But he still looks like he's an imp!!

I'll bet he was glad to get out and stretch. Poor guy, hard for youngsters to be cooped up.

photogchic said...

The last photo of Taxes looking to the left almost looks like a painting. Very cute boy--gosh he is growing fast.

oldmanlincoln said...

A beautiful animal still growing into his body. How did his leg get? I assume it healed nicely.

Mike said...

My little buddy!!! Has he grown or what?

It is so good to see him again. I assumed he is still a brat as always. I love that last picture and agree it looks almost like a painting.

Glad you are making progress on your fence project.

Take care.


CG said...

Hasn't our baby grown up fast???

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