Monday, October 15, 2007

15 October 2007

This is one of the shots from Sunday before last. I gave it the "Porcelain" effect treatment, think it looks kind of cool!!

Making progress on the fence slowly.

Mike you are right he is still a brat (but in a good way if that is possible LOL). He so desperately wants someone to play with and when he was little you could get away with playing with him but now he is too big!!

Abraham, yes his leg has healed quite nicely, he has a permanent swelling/thickening on the leg and a scar about 6 inches long. I will take a photo soon (adding that to my ever growing list of To Dos LOL) so I can update the post I was doing on my other blog.

Got the photos mailed today at last, that is a relief. Still working my way down my list. It was a beautiful day again weather wise, we are on a bit of a warming trend which is what happens every year, Indian Summer two or three times before it really gets cold.

Another uneventful day I am afraid, hope everyone is starting their week well. (((Hugs)))



Mike said...

Very nice shot Lori. I love the effect you have achieved. Good to see you playing with your pictures again!

Say hi to my little buddy...


Anonymous said...

You should leave Taxes out today and let him romp around in the rain. At least we are finally getting some rain. It is dribbling out of the sky.

I like the photo.

CG said...

WOW!! What a stunning portrait! Glad the fence is progressing xx

Elaine said...

What a wonderful portrait!

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