Friday, October 26, 2007

26 October 2007

I havent been feeling very sociable for the last 10 days so took a break. Also was finding it difficult to find any inspiration photographically and today I picked my camera up for the first time in weeks. At the start of and during winter the early morning sun shines into the barn in such a way that I can get the most beautiful side lighting shots on dark background or with just rim light on black and this morning I put Brat baby, aka Mikes little buddy aka Taxes out in the bottom of the barn for a bit of exercise and decided he would make a good subject for these types of shots. I only got a few because he wasnt being very cop-operative and I cant go into the pen with him because he thinks I am there to play with him and is in my face all the time trying to bite me, little horror. This was one of them.

I decided today that he desperately needs to be socialised with other horses because he so badly wants to play and has not had the opportunity to be with other horses apart from his Momma. He was talking to three stud colts out in the new enclosure (yes I finally got that built am just finishing the electric tape, will get the last bits tomorrow) and they seemed to be pretty calm with each other so I decided to put Blaze in with him. Blaze is the most laid back loving colt I have ever bred so I figured if I stayed close they would be fine. Taxes bombarded him, I was shocked this morning to see that my 6 months old baby is nearly as big as my 18 month old babies. He was so excited to have someone with him. Blaze took it all in his stride and when he got fed up he just snaked out aback hoof and put him in his place which got him thinking twice LOL. I had to go feed the other horses down the road so I only left them together for about half an hour while I could watch them. Tomorrow I want to see how he is with Eb the black and white colt. If I can get these three getting on then I can leave them out together which will be great.

I hope everyone is well. (((Hugs)))



Elaine said...

I don't have my glasses on, so I can't read anything, but I love this photo!

Kathy C said...

This is a really beautiful photo. I've missed your posts.

Rising Rainbow said...

I've missed you too and I love the pic.

Mike said...

Love this shot of Taxes. He is such a brat!...Ok you stopped posting about the time you had all those storms. Have had me worried all this time! lol.

Hope you and Larry are doing well. Glad to see you back.


Julie Blair said...


So glad you are back. Taxes is looking good...LOVE the rim light. I have missed your posts but I know how you feel. I too had not picked up my camera for awhile...until we had these horrible fires. I posted some pics from here at the beach that I took Monday and tuesday.....and hey I like Taxes too!!! :-)

julia said...


Thank you so much for commenting on my blog! I have been a visitor here before, but didn't comment - sorry! I wish I had known someone was selling your photos at Congress. I was looking for some sort of souvenir but didn't want to buy anything super expensive. I love your photos, so that would have been the perfect solution.

And thanks for commenting about purchasing horses. I am mostly just thinking about it right now, but if I decide to buy, I will definitely get the word out there! I am thinking about getting a more middle-aged horse and then keeping it for the rest of it's life (as I should be getting a farm after I get out of school in five or six years). My main priorities are calmness and soundness. Other than that, I'm open to almost anything!

Thanks again for stopping by my blog - I realized that I screwed up voting for MiKael's blog a few seconds too late! Oh well, I have vowed to vote correctly tonight!

CG said...

I missed you and was starting to get worried...sometimes we all need a bit of time to ourselves!!

You're back with a simply fantastic photo and i love it {{HUGS}}

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