Saturday, October 27, 2007

27 October 2007

Another shot of Taxes shot yesterday. Believe it or not the one shot I posted about the artist painting a while back which I shot about a year ago were of his full sister at about the same age!!! This one was shot in a horizontal format whereas hers was a vertical format.

Taxes has learnt from his little excursion with Blaze yesterday. He is normally really really mouthy, wanting to bite and play rough non stop. Today he was a lot more laid back. I didnt manage to get them out together today again but will try tomorrow. That is exactly what he needs so he can learn horse etiquette!

The horses stayed in today as we had a bit of rain last night and it was getting muddy. I dont like feeding the hay in the field off the ground when it is muddy because the hay is so expensive I dont want to waste it LOL. If we dont have any more rain tonight I will put them back out tomorrow.

A common house sparrow was all I managed to shoot this evening. It has been drizzly and overcast all day even though we only really had just over one eighth of an inch since last night. This evening the sun broke out for a short while and I snapped one or two. I was hoping to get the mocking bird in this bush because he has started landing down on it whereas before he was right at the top of the Douglas Pine which is huge so was difficult to get close to him. Anyway he had disappeared by the time I grabbed my camera so this guy got snapped instead.

Thanks everyone for your visits, good to hear from you all. Mike we managed to dodge most of the bad weather, we had one night of severe winds, there was a tornado quite a bit northwest of us but we got practically no rain over the two days of severe storms, just over half an inch. I just havent been feeling too chipper and uninspired. Julie take care, I hope this is all over soon, your pictures are fabulous documentaries of the situation which you are sadly all living with every day. I cant even begin to imagine how it feels to lose everything.

Well that's it for today. (((((Hugs))))) to everyone have a great Sunday.



Anonymous said...

I had feared something was wrong as you stopped posting. Glad to see you are all OK and back at it. I liked both your pictures today.

Especially the horse shot.

I worked all day on Friday trying to create a layout for my backyard wildlife photos.

I would appreciate your going there and having a look and then tell me if it looked OK on your browser. I would suggest the Starlings and am using that to see the response from all over. Also you can click the link on that page (starlings) and send me an email if you would about how it looked. It works here on IE or Internet Explorer but for some reason looks bad in Firefox.


CG said...

I love the light following the curve of his neck. Sweet little bird too.

Strawberry Lane said...

Absolutely spectacular photo of Taxes. Very dramatic. Beautiful horse.

And the sweet little bird. You showed how delicate.

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