Sunday, October 28, 2007

28 October 2007

I finally finished the fence today. Got all the tape up and it is working (I know because I got zapped!!! LOL) When I first went out the three boys were getting into everything and wanted to supervise me. I had my camera with me and snapped a few shots of them, these are of Eb finding a nice big weed which he pulled up out of the ground, Dream had to come and investigate and get his teeth in there too and of course last but not least, Blaze had to be in on it too LOL. They are really getting their winter coats now, they look like little teddy bears.

I put Taxes in with Blaze for a short while again today and they were fine until Blaze decided that he had to breed Taxes!!! OM Gosh wrong sex boy, he started chasing and herding him so I had to put an end to that little escapade before someone got hurt. I am going to have to decide which of the yearling fillies or if in fact all three of them will accept him but I am just so scared of those wire fences now. We will have to see. I do know that Brat baby has calmed down quite a bit just from those two encounters and is nowhere near as mouthy and pushy as he was 2 days ago.

We woke up to our first freeze this morning, 31 C and frost on the ground and plants. We are expecting 30 tomorrow morning. It is hard to think that we were in the upper 90s a month ago. It warmed up nicely into the upper 50s. I like this time of the year just wish it would last longer and the days werent getting shorter. The flies are on the decrease, the horses enjoy the cooler weather and I feel like doing stuff because it is not sweltering. I put the horses out again after they had eaten and they are spending the night out too. I only really put them in when it is raining so they dont have to eat their hay in the mud and they dont make a muddy marsh of the field with their hooves. After a couple of hours the excess water has drained away and the footing is better. I have had the fields so bad that the horses have stood up to their knees in mud for weeks on end because it has been so wet. They leave hoof marks which fill up with water and because it is cold it doesnt dry up and then they walk all over it again making the holes deeper and so it goes until it is just a marsh. I cant walk out there at all because I sink past my knees. So I decided I had enough of that and started managing the fields a bit better. We only have 5.5 acres so it is hard to get all the horses time out. I want to fertilize the one field this spring and harrow it lightly and sow some good grass and alfalfa. Next year I will do the same with the other side and see how it copes. Hopefully by that time I will be down in horse numbers and overgrazing wont be such a problem. I am sure that the people down the road will let us use their field next year again for 4 horses which will be great. Okay enough rambling.

Hope you all had a good Sunday. The Colts (The Indiana American Football Team who won the Superbowl last year) won their game in Carolina today resoundingly so it has been a good day.

Abraham your site looks wonderful, you have come such a long way in the short time I have known you. I always love visiting your site because you share the same passions and loves that I do as far as animals goes. I love squirrels but have never been able to capture any really good ones of them yet.

(((((Hugs))))) to everyone.



Anonymous said...

Thanks for the comment. It means a lot. ALso, I did enjoy the photos of the horses today. They are so nice and will be thick with their winter coats soon as it is cold here. I think it was in the low 30s this morning and white frost on the roofs and grass.

The company I hired to put up a new board privacy fence dumped off 42 posts a while ago. They have almost 300 stringers to bring and then I have no idea how many boards. It is to replace an existing fence I put up about 30 years ago. I just can't do it or I would be out there on the job.

I like your post today.

CG said...

it's lovely to see the horses enjoying themselves with that big weed and i'm glad you got the fence fixed :)

Tracey said...

Love those spotted babies you've got there! Some days I think it would be nice to have a field full of color...then I realize I do have color, it's just on the sheep :)

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