Friday, October 5, 2007

5 October 2007

Catblogging Day!!!! I finally remembered!!!! Missed another day yesterday Sigh, once you miss one it gets easier to miss another, kind of like breaking a $50 bill. It can sit in your purse for ages then once you break it to buy something whoosh it is gone LOL.

Sylvester loves to lay on the roof of my truck and this evening I spied him and Wild Cat so I grabbed my camera and shot a few frames. As soon as they saw me they jumped off to come and say hello so they were a bit far off and this is cropped and a bit grainy.

With the help of our neighbor we got the rest of the posts set in concrete yesterday and today put up the first layer of cross bars. I need to go to Muncie tomorrow to get the electric tape, insulators, some more outdoor screws as I didnt buy enough and two gates and voila, my job will be done!! I must say I am quite proud of the way it looks, I can't wait to be able to put Taxes out there and the three boys (Taxes and the boys seperately of course).

It has been extremely hot again, upper 80s as highs, we are normally in the low 70s at this time of the year. Seems that it will continue for a while longer and then what's the bet it will drop 50 degrees overnight and we will be freezing.

MiKael asked who the foal in the snow is. He is a full brother to my filly Lori, he was born on 15 February 2003 and we had a late snow which lay around for a few days so I got quite a few pics of him. He was bought by a guy here in town who also has the one filly born the same year of ours. He does a lot of trail riding and they are out every weekend. I have actually ridden him twice which was great, nice to see them being cared for and being useful.

Gotta get back to work on my pictures. Hope everyone is great and has a wonderful weekend. (((Hugs)))



Mike said...

Hey there are cats on a Friday! Wow that has been a while! :) Thanks for your visit. Life can sure get hectic can't it. Seems like there is always something to do.

Sounds like the fence is coming together and that you are developing a plan for Taxes and the other boys. I read with interest what you are doing with Taxes. That sounds like a wonderful plan.

Hope you get your picture work done so you can get back to a "normal" life.

Good to hear from you. Take care.


Rising Rainbow said...

Glad to hear that the fence project is wrapping up. It's always nice when you get some big project like that done and you can see the final outcome.

A Feb foal, wow, that is early. No wonder you could get snow pics. It's too darn cold in that barn that time of year for me to be on foal watch. I've done it twice over the years and that's enough for me. Froze my you know what off. Not to mention how cold it can be for the foals. Although mother nature sure gives those early one a great coat. lol

Sounds like you found a great home for those two horses. That is always a big plus.

I can't believe it's in the 80°s there and it's in the low 50° here. Weather is just so strange.

Hope you have a good day.

Anonymous said...

I don't really like cats but tolerate those kept by people indoors. We had one cat in the 52 years we have been married and we have had Pepper, Ginger, Tiger, Cuddles, Puppy, Benji, and Autumn who were dogs but all part of the family. Cuddles lives 23 human years and was put to sleep because she had arthritis so bad.

The cat was also named Tiger.

I like your post about the horse in the snow.

CG said...

I have been bad and missed so many catblogging Fridays!!
My cat Buttons used to perch on my car roof and always hopped off when i started the engine...except for one day!! I drove right down our road before someone stopped me and pointed out a terrified moggie was still clinging to the roof!!!

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