Saturday, October 6, 2007

6 October 2007

I went through to Muncie this morning and got the rest of the white tape and insulators and screws I need to finish the fence. By the time I got back it was lunch time and so hot 87F and very humid so there was no way I was going to work out in the sun. So the fence didnt get finished but I have everything I need except the gates. Apparantly the temps are going to plummet by Wednesday, sheesh.

The picture posted today is one of the ones that I have been working on replacing background, I am struggling to get motivated to do these and inspired at the same time. It takes a lot of concentration and I just cant focus at the moment. I am plodding on. This is the daughter of one of my long standing clients, Brianna, and her new pony who has really given her the confidence she has been needing. The improvement in her abilities since last year has been dramatic. Great little pony.

Larry arranged two farm shoots for me tomorrow, it is going to be even hotter so I am not really looking forward to them, just hope I can get some good shots, not really the right time of day to do these types of shoots but I will do my best.

Gee the Racehorse who boards with us is now only going to be collected on Wednesday. I really hope that this come off this time, she really needs to get out and do what she was bred for, I am pretty sure she will be a success, she is a lovely mare.

I am off to get my much needed beauty sleep LOL. Hope you are all having a great weekend. ((((Hugs))))) and I will post more pics of the foal in the snow later, I have some really cute ones.



Mike said...

Beautiful shot Lori. And you have done terrific work with the background. I would be interested in seeing the before shot just to see how much you do.

Glad to hear that fence project is almost done.

Sounds like Larry is keeping you hopping!!! Hope it cools down soon.


Rising Rainbow said...

So you're teasing us with promises of more snow pictures! lol

I wondered when I saw the beautiful background in this picture if it was one of the one's that you were working on. It's amazing that you can do that.

Hope it's cooler for you tomorrow and warmer for us. We may not even hit 50°

Have a great day.

oldmanlincoln said...

Nice photo. I wonder what you are taking out or adding? I assume you are in photoshop.

Nice picture and the story is interesting too.

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