Tuesday, October 9, 2007

9 October 2007

These are a few Before/Afters that I have done recently.

The first was from the Arabian show and I am not 100% happy with the dividing line between the old and new background but it looked okay in print. The Before is straight out of the camera with no editing.

The second one isnt too bad a background but the owner wanted the picture on the lake so this is what I came up with.

I am learning new techniques every day and still need to do a course on cutouts because I am pretty sure that there are better quicker ways of doing them, mine take ages.

The fence is coming along, Mark came again today and he and Larry got cracking on stuff outside which allowed me to clear my backlog. Now I only have to print the photos and mail them and guess what?????? I dont have enough ribbon for the dye sub printer!!!! So am having to order more. I am so disorganised this year.

We had a much cooler day today and it is continuing to drop, by Thursday the lows should be close to the 30s! I am not complaining YET (LOL) because after the heat it was wonderful. We had a light sprinkling of rain last night but just enough to make the ground damp only.

Well that is it for the day. Hope everyone is having a good week thus far. (((Hugs)))



Rising Rainbow said...

Wow, Lori, if you can do this with backgrounds, could you change a rider on a horse? I have an absolutely breathtaking picture of Legs under saddle with a creep trainer on board. The trainer didn't get the look in the picture, the photographer's wife jumping around in a bear suit did. I'd love to use the shot for ads but won't unless I can get the rider changed.

I hope you charge this people extra extra for changing this stuff!!

Anonymous said...

Your photo manipulation is nice and I assume you are using Photoshop? I have CS3 and use it every day but not for backgrounds. Honest, most of the time I use it to resize stuff or crop. But sometimes I take things out. There are ways to do it that makes what you are "probably doint" old-fashioned. My son, a pro photographer in Florida, I will ask him as he does it all the time for nude model photography sessions and water or ocean backgrounds. I will see what button he pushes the most and let you know.

Nice work.

Mike said...

Very nice Lori. I really enjoy seeing what you are doing. It is incredible and I bet it is a tad tedious!

Memories Catcher said...

Very nice Lori.Great job!

CG said...

Just amazing...I'm very impressed!! {{HUGS}} xx

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